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Cavy Slave
Apr 30, 2012
Hi All,

Just thought I would say hello.

We are in the process of adopting 3 males piggies from our local rescue centre

Guinea Pigs | ANIMAL CARE

We have cubes arriving tomorrow, correx hopefully sorted within the next day or 2 and fleece blankets waiting. planning on a 3x3 base with a 2x3 upper floor. Cage inspection from the rescue centre on Friday and Piggies move in on Mon (hopefully).

My current dilemma is what to put under the fleece - the uhaul stuff looks good but doesn't seem to be available in the UK...any ideas on UK equivalent.

I'll no doubt be along with lots more questions soon.

Welcome to the forum!

Some people use towels under fleece, others use mattress pads. I have mattress pads under mine, and got them all at thrift shops for very little money.

We'll need pictures of the pigs, of course. :)
The pics on the links are of the soon to be mine piggies but ofc I will post piccies when they are in their new cage :)
Aw, they look so cute! I'm glad they're going to a great home.
Vikki75, I think in the UK, your "removal blankets" are very similar to our U-haul blankets but I find they shrink and fall apart a little too much for my liking. But I did a search on "removal blankets UK" and found several sources if that's what you want. But I would consider towels or whatever else you can find cheap.
Ok thank you - I had just read that the towels start to smell quite quickly so was looking for alternatives. Totally new to this. I have previously only had 1 male GP (he was a fighter which is why he was solo) he was just in a pet shop hutch (a 1.2m long one though so not really hard done to lol). I want to get it right from the start with these little guys. I looked at mattress protectors on amazon but it would cost me over £60 to get big enough for 2 cage changes which given how much we've spent this week on the other stuff is a bit expensive.

I am well on the way to getting sorted now - I even went and bought a bale of hay today. Still need to buy food pellets and decide how to make a ramp but it'll get done fast as if we're not ready for Friday morning I won't be able to get the piggies until the weekend after next.
Hi Vikki and welcome!
I to am a newbie and the piggie folks here are just so wonderful and helpful.
You sound like you are very prepared for your extended family.
Your desire and joyful enthusiasm makes me smile. :cheerful:
Well I built my 3x3 cage with top layer and then decided that it was too deep and there was no way I would be able to reach to clean the back of it so...back to the drawing board. Now have a 5x2 bottm layer set up and currently 4x1 upper layer but I've decided that I want to change it to a 2x2. Think I've got it sorted in my head how it will work and then it's off to B&Q tonight to get some wood to strenghten the front to allow the doors to work.

Of course now I have changed my mind about the layout the fleeces I bought now don't fit!! :rolleyes:
However the textiles teacher at the school that I work at has told me where I can buy some off the roll and said I can use the school's sewing machines if I need to :)

I even managed to source some coroplast from a local shop so the internet order has been cancelled (smaller pieces that I would have had to join), and instead I can get just the amount I need. It's going to be a rush but we will be ready for Friday for the inspection...excited now!!!
I've got matress pads from a 99p shop, they are double bed sized and good price for a big piece of plastic!
I am in uk and use our version of removal blankets that I got from amazon.
The mattress pad is not absorbent but the blankets are really good so nothing gets through to it anyway. They seem to have washed up *ok* for me but I have only washed them a couple of times.
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