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Cavy Slave
Apr 20, 2012
Hello everyone I've been a guinea pig owner for about 2 months so in pretty new to this :) I love my piggies!! I have 2 pudgy piggies one male one female the female is the oldest I got her when she was 4 months now she's 6 months her name Is Ginger. Ricky is the boy he was 2 months when I got him now he is is 4 months old. I'm looking to adopt 2 more babies in my area but it's kinda hard to find that sort of thing in my area :( I'm looking forward to gain knowledge and to learn from everyone here :) My piggies, EVERY morning from 5-6 am they chase each other wheeking and popcorning it's weird cuz idk if that's normal piggy behaviour and I usually feed them around that time I like to think of that as my little alarm to wake up for school. Some mornings instead of wheeking they rumble one morning it could be Ginger another morning it could be Ricky :0
Welcome to the forum! I love your username, it's very cute. We'd love to see some pigtures of your babies.
How do I upload pics? I don't have recent pictures te pictures I have are from within the first month of have my piggies I'll be sure to take better and more pictures to upload when I get home :)
When you post, right above the text box will be a little thing that looks like a picture of a tree. Click on that, then you can upload pictures from your computer.
I'm on this site with my iPod and I can't seem to find a way to upload from my iPod because i took new pictures and they are on my iPod is there a way I can upload them from my iPod?
Welcome to the forum!

Wait, you have a male and a female? As in, together? Is one of them fixed?
Welcome to the forum! I see you're a fellow Floridian. Which part of the state are you in? I'm in Central FL and found my two piggies through Petfinder (which led me to a humane society) and Craigslist. I did have to drive about an hour for each of them, but they were well worth the trip.

Oh, and if those piggies are together, it might be a moot point because boy and girl = babies unless one is fixed. I have a male and a female but they're in separate cages so they don't add to piggy overpopulation. Definitely separate them if they're not apart already.
Yes they are together I bought them from a store they didn't tell me if either was fixed but I'm assuming one is ....since Ginger isn't pregnant .....I think..... I guess I really need to find out...
Oh I live in North Lauderdale I tried craigslist but it is so hard to find piggies in my area :(
Im trying to get 2 more piggies
@ (broken link removed) (broken link removed) This is a rescue center near Ft. Lauderdale.
Yes they are together I bought them from a store they didn't tell me if either was fixed but I'm assuming one is ....since Ginger isn't pregnant .....I think..... I guess I really need to find out...
Hello and welcome to the forum!

I would separate them until you find out if one of them is fixed. Since you "bought them from a store" I'm highly doubting that one is fixed. If you did in fact get 1 male and 1 female, your female very well could be pregnant. Maybe they mis-sexed and they are both the same gender. Can you sex them to find out?
Wow I must be tired, I totally did not understand that you have a boy and girl living together with out one being fixed. Please do not adopt until you sex your pigs and make sure that they are not expecting Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig .
Judging from the pictures in the link it looks like Ricky has been fixed
And.....omg I think Ginger is a Boy!!!! O.O they told me she was a girl!!! Omg omg lemme double check
Pet stores make mistakes all the time. It's not a big deal if she's a boy, she's with another boy right? You might wanna take them to a vet to be sure, before you get more.
Ginger is definitely not fixed based on the pics from the link so that means I have 2 boys and I think I have to rename Ginger since he is a he and not a she....I think I know what I'm going to name him...... *sigh* I'm so grateful to u guys without you I prolly wudve stayed thinking Ginger was a girl for a good while :c Im so sorry ginger :c I hv to do the renaming ceremony o.o
Ok I'll definitely investigate in finding a guinea pig expert to help me out with this whoa ... Well that's tru no body is perfect the guy that was checking the gender didnt seem sure now that I think about it
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