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Cavy Slave
Feb 14, 2012
Hi! I'm not new to the guinea pig forum in itself, but I'm new to this site. The others that I have been too were all very rude and uncaring about what I did, nor answering any of the questions I had. Even the most simple ones! But, this place seems extremely different and I can't wait to get to know the members of here.

Now, anyway, onto my babies.

I have:
5 Guineas. Three boys and two girls; squiggles, apollo, mookie, clover, and star.
1 Rabbit: Khloe.
30 fish. Long story...
4 dogs: Two chihuahuas, one Pomeranian and a mix breed.
and finally! 1 cat.

My guineas were brought into my care after my brother and sister wanted a male and a female from the petstore, only to have them breed. Which led to four guineas. After giving the two babies away, they housed them in separate- MUCH too small cages- and got bored with them. I visited my mother over the summer, and ... Someway or another convinced my grandmother (Whom I live with) to let me take the two guineas with me. Unfortunately, my mother then decided to place them both in the same cage for easy cage maintenance...

Well, because we didn't know she was pregnant, we didn't know she had her babies either. After being away camping one night, we came back to find FIVE guineas instead of just two!

Now, myself not knowing anything about pigs, I let the father stay in with the mother... So, right after her fist litter she got pregnant again. I feel completely stupid about the whole situation,and I NOW know better.

So... Seventy five days after the first litter was born, came star.

She was very tiny, but cupcake was a wonderful mother to her, just as she had been with the other piggies.

Cupcake, unfortunately, passed away in November. (RIP, baby doll :c)

... Phew. OKay, now for the happy part of the story.

I have since done mounds of research on guinea pigs. I came here often to pick through forum posts about cages and health problems. Joined more than one guinea forum to see what was best, safest, healthiest ... FINALLY I settled on one type of cage I like the most.

Though most recommended C&C cages, I found myself having problems with them from day one, and thus chose an alternative, which I love.

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat measures 2x4 feet, and has a ramp opening on the end AND the side, so you can connect more than one cage if you want.

Currently I have three of them. One for my rabbit. One for the girls, and one for the boys. However, I've been saving up for two more to link onto the the boys and girlies cage to make both cages about 16 square feet. The bases are lovely to clean and machine washable... Which is amazing when you have three very.. .VERY messy little boys. :crazy:

Everyone on here knows how guineas have set personalities, each differing from one little-one to the next. I can't wait to share my experiences with everyone, and I promise not to ask too many questions, haha!
Welcome to the forum! And ask all the questions you want -- that's what it's here for!
Oh man, what a story! Well it sounds like they all ended up in good hands. Don't feel bad. You are here now and working out what is best for them. You didn't know any better at the time!
Welcome! You will find this forum VERY helpful and inspiring. I'm glad you found it. I, too, got a guinea pig without doing research first but luckily found this wonderful forum and I feel pretty confidant I'm doing the right thing as my girls are healthy and happy! Ask away...As I have learned, no question is too small and you will always get a response. There are a lot of really cool and knowledgable people here. I find the search feauture to be invaluable whenever I have a question, but if you don't find the answer you're looking for someone will have it. We'd love to see pigtures, too!
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