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Dec 18, 2011
So I just realized I joined a few days ago and just got straight to posting, instead of introducing myself! Well, I'm not yet a cavy owner, I'm looking to get one right after New Years, but I've held off because (as a college student) I'm travelling home for the holidays, back to the school area to work, to my boyfriend's town for New Years, and then I'll be back in the school area until spring break. I didn't want to jump into getting guinea pigs unless I was certain that I could take care of them and let them get to know me without stressing them with the travel.

My plan has been to get two girls, and build a C&C cage for them, and I designed a few ranging from 10-12 square feet. However, I think I've found the girls for me. I would prefer adopting from a rescue, but I found two sisters on craigslist, about 20 minutes away, and the previous "parent" has a C&C cage which she is willing to sell, a 2x5 with a loft. Hopefully these cuties are still available when I'm able to take them.

As mentioned, I'm a college student during the day, and I also work for Scholastic Books in one of their warehouses in the evening. However, it's coming up on the off-season, so soon after I plan on getting the girls, I'll be unemployed for two months, and I'll have plenty of time to hang out with these beautiful girls.

Well, I guess that's about it for me. I look forward to becoming a nervous cavy-parent, and getting to know everyone lol
Welcome to the forum! All of the people here are very helpful and knowledgable, so if you have a question, feel free to post it. I hope the have success with your potential piggies! Good Luck! :)
Welcome to the forum!

If you want those two on craigslist, I'd suggest contacting the owner and see if you can make arrangements for her to keep them until after the holidays. Perhaps if you pay for them in advance, she'll hold them for you.
Welcome to the forum!! Good luck with your piggies, whenever you get them! :D
Thank you :)

I've already contacted her, she had someone interested but that fell through, so she said to contact her again when I was back in the area.
Update on the craigslist piggies:

The post keeps getting flagged, so the woman is reposting the listing just about every day. However, last night I got kinda suspicious, because two more piggies popped up, sitting on the same bed with the same storage bin in the background, so apparently this woman has 4 pigs she's adopting out, instead of the initial two I thought. (Three of them are 3 years old, and the last one is 6 months old.) So I think I'm going to go with the shelter idea instead, as I don't know why she has 4 piggies, why she's listing them all separately (they're all female, and I would assume bonded), and why she keeps getting flagged (unless someone in the area knows she's got a history).
Hi! I'm happy you are planning to get a C&C cage! I can't wait until you get your pigs. :) I got kinda confused reading your last post... So this lady keeps getting flagged on her Craigslist guinea pig ads? (Sorry, I don't really get what you meant.) Are you planning to get the Craigslist pigs or shelter pigs? I read that you said you might get some shelter pigs. :)
Sounds like the craigslist woman may be a backyard breeder. I think I'd pass on those pigs.
And if your travels take you East:

(broken link removed) is a Guinea Pig rescue here in Vermont
@Fizzlepop40, I was planning on getting a pair from this woman, but as bpatters so eloquently put it, she might be a breeder, so I don't really trust her anymore.

@Duffinvt, I have looked into the OCGRP but I figured if I could do my own rescuing I would, and I couldn't completely figure out which piggies they had available because each "available" piggie's page has multiple pigs on it. I will go check out OCGRP (when I get back to the area) and I might be able to make a trip out to Vermont (maybe I can convince my boyfriend to make a weekend trip to visit Magic Hat brewery, and just happen across the rescue ;) if that isn't too devious).
Long Trail Ale brewery is practically in the VT rescue's backyard. Do contact the owner and even fill out the application beforehand if you do decide to head over this way. Good luck and keep us posted !
@sillylittle Oh, OK. That's good that you aren't getting from her in case she's a breeder.
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