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Hello to all!


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Nov 30, 2011
Hi, my name is Amanda and I just thought that I would introduce myself. I am new to guinea pigs and am getting my first one on Fri. I just wanted to say that after finding this site I had all my questions answered and all of my fears put to rest. This site also helped me decide that a guinea pig was the right pet for my family. Ive had dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, fish and hermit crabs all of my life, but when we decided to get a pet for my 8 yr old I started researching. A puppy was out of the question because we work and some of the family members are allergic to cats, she wants something cuddly and friendly but a hamster didnt seem quite right and the S.O. just wouldnt go for a rat. So after talking to a bunch of people and internet research we chose a guinea pig. I tried locating a shelter to adopt, but we dont have any down here that take guinea pigs, one gave me a number to call but the people had already rehomed theirs. I had to go with a local breeder but she seems pretty good. I got to meet both parents and they are friendly and healthy, she feeds vegetables daily and free choice hay. She only sells in pairs, but as luck would have it this litter had 3 and 2 of them were already spoken for. I am waiting on a new litter in the future to be able to get a second guinea pig.
I'm starting with a 2x4 C&C cage w/ a second level "kitchen". I'm going with fleece and I'm so excited that I dont think that I can wait till Fri morning. I think Im more excited than the 8 yr old lol. Any suggestions, extra info or ideas are always appreciated. Thanks so much for this forum and site, I would be so lost without it.
Welcome to the forum.

But since you said you're in Texas, you should know that there are some excellent rescues in Texas, and we'll be happy to help you find a pig to rescue rather than buy from a breeder. If you'll post the name of the city closest to you, we'll look one up for you.

You should know that just because a rescue/shelter is in X city, that doesn't mean that all its pigs are in X. Most rescues are just a series of foster homes that may be spread out over a wide geographic area. A rescue 200 miles from you may have pigs available in your home town. I always recommend contacting rescues to see what and where​ they've got available.
I would love to adopt, we are pound people by nature lol. Everything we own right now was a rescue, except the horses. I'm in Rockport with the closest city being Corpus Christi. I tried the rescues in the phone book, humane societys, and pounds. I checked craigslist too with no luck. One of the rescues in Corpus, Pee Wees, doesnt handle guinea pigs but the lady said that someone had called in with one that they were trying to rehome, but by the time I called she had already found a home. I didnt know that foster families could be spread out so far from the rescue.
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