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Hello.. Please Help


Cavy Slave
Feb 28, 2012
Im new to this forum, iv had my two guinea pigs for about 8months. Last night i decided to give them a bath, once id dried each piggy i put them on the floor in the bathroom so they didnt get wet again in the bath. I noticed that they had both gone behind the toilet so i went to get them. I got the first one and then when i went to get the other i noticed she had gone into the back of the toilet, shes not near any water its just we have like a porclin cover around the bottom of the toilet. I tried reaching in to see if i could pull her out but the hole is really small and i can only feel her fur with the tip of my fingers. Shes been in there since last night and im really worried about her, we tried moving the toilet but its stuck to the wall so isnt going to budge. The only was she is going to get out is if she comes out herself. Im so scared that shes hurt and im completely helpless i just dont know what to do :'(
Have you tried to encourage her out with some treats? Perhaps lay out some of her favourite veggies and some parsley and watch from a distance. Hopefully she will smell these and find her way our herself so you can catch her again. Let us know how you get on!
You'll need to turn off the water and flush to get the water out of the tank and toilet. Remove the tank. There should be bolts holding it on that have to be removed. Ceraramic base toilets usually have two bolts on both sides of the base that are covered with small ceramic pieces. You can remove those and unscrew the bolts. You'll have to remove the caulk or seal around the toilet and someone strong to lift it. You can get her out that way if she doesn't come out. If you live in an apartment, you can contact the maintenance person. First, I'd try and entice her out with veggies to see if that works.
If there's a circle all the way around the base of the toilet, I'd try to stick something behind her to scare her out -- maybe a long-handled bottle brush or something.
we tried pulling the toilet up last night but it seems to be glued to the wall :/ iv had hay and food out for her but she really doesnt seem interested :( iv been told to ring the fire brigade to see if they can get her out so im going to try that. im just so worried because she's quite nervous so i dont think she'll come out on her own, its nearly been 24hours now so she must be getting hungry and thirsty..
Then put food and water back there for her. She'll die if she doesn't eat.
Have you tried a plunger? The gurgling noise may drive her out. Or a closet snake rattling might cause her to come out. Have you called the fire brigade for suggestions?
I'm have a hard time visualizing this toilet. Please post a picture.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello.. Please Help[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello.. Please Helpso shes gone round the back of the toilet and is now right at the front :/ the fire brigade transfered me to the rspca but they said they cant do much, said i need to get a plumber out. My uncle is pretty good with diy so he's going to come out tomorrow and see if he can dismantle the toilet but hes working till late tonight and can only come round at tea time tomorrow.. do you think she will be ok till then?
How on earth did she get behind it?

She won't be ok unless she has something to eat and drink. Can you get things back there to her? By stuffing them through a crack, maybe? I'd see if I couldn't get some very wet lettuce, some hay, and maybe some other veggies in there as quickly as possible. Then, if possible, leave her alone until you can take it apart. I hope you have another toilet in the house!
shes only quite small so she squeezed through.. ok thank you, ill get some more food to her and try put some water there but the hole is really small so it could be difficult.
Yeah i do, we turned the water off to that toilet aswell.
Water down some lettuce and shove it through the same crack she got in through. I would put a little pile of fresh hay near the crack, too, and see if it lures her out of there.
Hmm. hide somewhere in the room where she can't see you, if that means sitting in the bath then do so. Put out her favourite vegetables and leave a trail of them on the floor, put a tunnel/igloo or whatever you have in your house for them to hide in, keep hay and stuff in the bathroom. Things that she likes that might lure her out, good luck.
ok thank you, yeah i will do.
im so worried about her i feel absolutly awfull :(
I hope you get her out okkayy.D:
If you want some positive in your depressing thread...your floor and toilet look nice..just saying.. <3
wow good luck im sure she is okay
Wondering if there are any updates...
Praying all is ok.
SHE'S OUT! :D safe and sound tucked up in her cage and reunited with her fellow piggy. My uncle came to the rescue this morning, she seems to be in good health just a little cut on her toe. She was in quite abit of shock though when we pulled the toilet out. Im going to keep a close eye on her and make sure there is nothing else wrong. Thank you all for your concern
Phew! Glad she made it out safe!
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