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Hello. My daughter and I are new owners. We love our guineas!


Cavy Slave
Feb 24, 2012
:) We have two female abyssinians, Oreo and Snickers. We just Love them!! They are so great. We joined this site to get info and ideas. So that we can give them the best and proper care. :D
Welcome! Do you have any pigtures of Oreo and Snickers? We love pigtures!
Welcome to the forum! Ditto on the pigture request:) Info and ideas....for starters, do you have a C&C cage? Check out the gallery for some great ideas :)
Welcom to the forum!! I second the request for pigtures.

Take your time to look all around the site. There is a ton of info on good feeding, good, housing, and good care.

Each individual forum has "read me" stickies. Those are a great place to start, especially in the Diet and Nutrition section.

The photo galleries will give you amazing ideas for cage designs. If you don't already have one, I would look into building a C&C cage. They really make a difference with you little one.
I used a pic of them for my profile pic. Not sure why its not showing up. :sad:
If you want it to show up on the forum, save it as your profile pic :)
I meant your AVATAR pic lol
Welcome! I haven't had my piggies all that long, either, but I wuv 'em. Great info on this site, I'm already a better piggie mom. Enjoy!
Didn't another member-Gpigsrsweet-have 2 female abys named snickers and oreo?
Welcome you come to the right place. Very helpful friendly all around great place to start. I am a newbie as well, I have a c & c Cage on the way check out pictures for awesome ideas. I must say would love to see pictures of them .
There it is thank you for letting me know to set it as my avatar. I also created an album in my profile and posted some pics
My brother used to have an Abyssinian named Oreo. I loved that little boar. :)

Welcome! I'm new here as well, I'd love to get any tips if you have any.
Welcome to the forum! :eek:ptimist:
& I also want to see some more pigtures! :cheerful:
welcome to the forum!
i just looked at your album and they are the cutest things. oreo reminds me of my female abyssinian, but she has less white than yours.
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