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Hello! I'm new and am looking for a home for my superpig


Cavy Slave
Apr 12, 2012
I found this forum years ago when searching for cage options for my 2 precious pigs, Dinah and Willa. They have both passed, and I have 1 piggy now, Ruby. She's around 2.5 years old and is spunky and energetic. I am moving across the country and won't be able to take little Ruby with me. I'm very sad, but need to find a home for her that is as in love with her as I am, so I thought of this forum. If you or someone you know is looking for a pig in my area, Saint Louis/Chicago, I would love to hear from you. Thank you!
Megan R.
why cant you take her with you? there is a thread on here about taking piggies on long car rides. you should look it up and see if you can find a solution to keep her. i hope it works out that you can keep her. pic please
I know it can be a bit of a pain but please explore the options of taking your pig with you. I just moved cross country from New York to Oregon back in november due to the Army moving us and while it was a pain we brought 3 kids 3 cats and towed a car and still had to find a house when we got here. Your piggy will love you for it :) and you can aways sneek him into a hotel with you just cover her cage/carrier with a blanket and go in a side door.
so, with all due respect, may i politely say that @Dinahpig is asking for help in re-homing, because she says she can't take her pig with her. she sounds like an adult, and has had guinea pigs before. i'm guessing she's explored her options and has not come to this decision impulsively, since she has told us how much she loves her pig. i know the previous posts are trying to be helpful, but sometimes when this kind of help is offered, it sounds a little like the decision someone has made is being questioned, even though i will assume that wasn't the intent. @Dinahpig, i'm sorry you can't take your pig with you, for whatever reason. i hope you can find her a good home that loves her as much as you do. have you posted her in the adoption forum here?
Thank you all for your quick and thoughtful responses! A few details I didn't include: I am moving with my boyfriend who is extremely allergic to guinea pigs :sad:. He can't even come in to my apartment, but has been very patient because he knows how much I love my pigs.

In addition, about 4 years ago I moved from St.Louis is Los Angeles and brought my 2 piggies with me (they have both since passed away). I did indeed have to smuggle them into hotels with me! It was an adventure.

So, jacqueline, you are correct, this is not impulsive and I am quite heart broken about it, but it is necessary. (I've attached a few pictures from our photo shoot this morning :).)

Also, do you recommend asking people to pay or not? I remember hearing that it is recommended to ask people to pay to ensure they are more dedicated to being a good piggy parent.

Thank you for your time,
Megan (@Dinahpig)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello! I'm new and am looking for a home for my superpig[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello! I'm new and am looking for a home for my superpig
aaww what a sweet pig! Sorry you can't keep him. Personally I would ask for a fee. I know some people use piggies as snake food, and you don't want to attract those people!
Hello everyone,
Ruby found a wonderful home. Thank your for your concern and interest!
So glad she found a home. She looks like a very sweet pig. Gl with your move!
Thank you! I miss her badly, but I know she'll be happy where she is.
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