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Hello! I’m a new piggie owner

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Oct 9, 2020

I just got my first guinea pigs today. I was originally going to get a hamster but these cuties stole my heart. I got two girls, about 3 mos old. They were sleeping on top of each other and I couldn’t bare to seperate them. They have been nibbling on hay all day, and rushing around a cage, and chirping. They freeze whenever I look at them and hide under a shelf, so i’m worried it’ll take a little getting use to. They also haven’t gone up their ramp to the shelf where the food pellets and water are, and won’t sit in the bed. They enjoy hiding under the shelf, in a little house, and standing next to the bed as they munch on the hay.

Any tips for a new piggie owner would be kindly appreciated!! I’m so excited!
Welcome to the forum. Since you've only had your piggies for less than a few days they are going to be very afraid. Being prey animals it does take time for them to learn to trust. If you haven't already, you should move the water and pellets down for them to be able to get to them. It sounds like you might have them in a pet store cage and that will be okay for a little while but you should consider putting them into a C&C cage.

Just give them a lot of attention and they will eventually become less afraid and then you will really see their true personalities come out. Please don't hesitate to ask questions on this forum. Many of us have had the same issues as you might encounter and are always willing to offer assistance.

What did you name your new piggies?
Hello, I also got my two girls less than a month ago. I would suggest you bring the food and water down to their level, they need it constantly. I think it will take awhile to settle in, mine are doing more now than the first week at home. It is normal what they are doing, mine also run into their houses when I go to the cage. If you bring them fresh vegs each time you go to them it will help, I take a little romaine lettuce or parsley. Now they are coming out to see what I am bringing and start chattering when they hear me coming.. Did yours do a popcorn yet? I would suggest for lots of information on how to care for them to google Scotty's Animals.com and google a topic and his videos will come up. I watch him everyday and have found tons of info.. Also he volunteers at the La Guinea Pig Rescue in CA. Very interesting. Google laguineapigrescue. They really know piggies.. Saskia is the owner of the rescue, she is great with the piggies.. I did not know there was so much to learn about these cutties... You were smart to get both of them as they do not like to be alone, they need companionship of each other... See you on the Forum. Have a great day and enjoy your piggies... Which type of piggies do you have?
They are just nervous, use positive reinforcement and they will warm up to you quickly! :).
If you have any questions ask away, and read around this forum! This site also helped me SO much as a new guinea pig owner: www.guineapigmanual.com it's very readable but packed with all the important info: Care, bedding, cages, diet, behavior, sounds and meanings, how to make friends with your piggy, etc :D

Guinea pigs are shy, but have so much personality and make wonderful pets! They need one big single level cage, they can't have ramps/multiple levels. Most cages sold in pet stores are too small, and more expensive than better ones available elsewhere! Many treats and foods marketed for piggies are actually unhealthy. They need:

24/7 unlimited hay (Timothy or orchard grass)
Oxbow or KMS Hayloft guinea pig pellets (Oxbow/KMS is the best brand by far, for pellets, treats, toys, hay etc!)
About 1 cup of daily veggies! Bell pepper is important every day for vitamin C. Yellow and green bell peppers they can have daily, orange and red are slightly higher in sugar so 4 times a week is better for them. Greenleaf, redleaf, or butterhead lettuce, corn husks, cilantro, cucumber, a little bit of carrot, etc are all great to rotate as their daily veggies.
( This chart goes into all the diet details with everything they can have and how often: https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...vy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List )
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