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Hello from central Texas


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Mar 25, 2012
Hi, my name is Pam and I live in Central Texas. I've had guinea pigs off and on all my life but the last one was several years ago. My daughter is about to get her first apartment (she's 20) and is thinking about getting a rabbit or two. So as we were looking online for rabbit info, I kept coming across guinea pigs pictures, cage info etc. So that made me start wanting to have a couple piggies in my life again. As far as I know, the last time I had a piggie, the C&C cage idea wasn't around but I think it's great to be able to make a bigger cage with more options than was available before. Anyway, last weekend, I decided to get the materials to make a C&C cage and when I had it all set up, I would try to find some piggies that needed a new home. Well before I could even get started, I heard about a family nearby who was looking to rehome their 2 one-year-old female pigs and were including their cage, food, hay and all their accessories and didn't want a penny for them. Turned out they were in a cube grid cage but the flooring was linoleum that looked like it had never been cleaned and they were using cedar shavings which I know are bad for pigs even if they smell good to me. So I got some coroplast and refashioned the cage they were in into a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft. I wanted to use fleece but didn't have it ready so I put down a temporary bedding of shredded newpaper until the next day when the fleece was ready. I like the idea of fleece although it's not wicking very well even though I washed it multiple times with no fabric softener. Anyway my pigs seem happy and healthy so that's what counts and I am enjoying having pigs in my life again. I already have 2 dogs and a cat but surprisingly they are not terribly interested in the newcomers.

I've hopefully attached a picture. Lily is the black and white one and Jasmine is the brown/black/white. I've been enjoying the forum the past few days and have gotten lots of useful info. Thanks to everyone who participates.


Piggy pic 5.jpg
Welcome to the forum! Cute pigs!

Do you have an absorbent layer under your fleece? It needs towels or a mattress pad or a UHaul pad or something to absorb the urine.

You also should read https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/. Fruit is too high in sugar for them to eat much of it -- it upsets their digestive tracts. A small piece or two once is a week is more than enough. Carrots are also too high in vitamin A and oxalates to be a main source of food in the diet.

They need unlimited amounts of long-strand grass hay, such a timothy, meadow, blue, orchard or brome, but good luck finding any in Texas! Coastal hay is also a grass hay, but the quality is very poor, and I've had no luck at all in finding local hay for my pigs. I order from (broken link removed).

They also need about a cup of vegetables per pig per day, the bulk of which should be red or green leaf lettuce and bell pepper. Many other greens are too high in oxalates and possibly too high in calcium for regular feeding.

Good luck with them, and keep us posted on how they're doing.
Yes, I have U-Haul pads under the fleece but unfortunately I didn't wash it before cutting it to size so the first time I wash it I'm afraid it will shrink and be too small.

They didn't like the apple in the picture anyway so it got thrown out. And they won't eat lettuce which is odd as I've never had a piggie that didn't love lettuce. They came with a big bag of timothy hay which they seem to love.
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