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Hello Everyone


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May 22, 2012
I am new To this , & also new to being a mom of 2 Guineas. A male named rusko & female named sopie. Can somebody help me with info about them <br>
- How much am i supposed to feed them <br>
-what Kinds of fruits & veggies<br>
-how much time outside<br>
-things To put in There cage<br>
- what hay <br>
Such things like these would be so helpful :)
Welcome :)

Every day, your pigs should have an unlimited supply of grass hay. Timothy hay is the most popular, but orchard grass is another good choice, and my pigs like it better. You won't go wrong with either one. I've heard brome hay is good too, but I've never seen it.

They should also get nutritious pellets, and they should be primarily made with timothy hay. Each pig should get about an eighth of a cup per day. As for vegetables, leafy greens are best. Lettuce (red, green or romaine are good, avoid iceberg), kale, cilantro, and parsley are good choices. Try to vary it every day. Baby carrots and bell peppers are also good. Fruits are high in sugar and should be fed as an occasional treat rather than a daily meal. Apples and berries seem pretty popular with my pigs. They don't care for citrus fruits or bananas. If you give them fruit that has seeds or pits, make sure you get rid of those first, as they can be both a choking hazard and toxic if eaten.

For the cage, you'll want one shelter per pig. The plastic "pigloo" that you can find at any pet store is a pretty cheap and popular option. There are similarly-sized huts made of wood that also work. Pigs also like tunnels...an empty 12-pack soda box with the ends cut off works pretty well, and Oxbow also sells a tunnel made of woven timothy hay, so it's both a toy and a snack for the pigs.

Time outside the cage...if your cage is big enough to comfortably accommodate both of your piggies and their worldly posessions, then it shouldn't matter too much either way, but more is better. I usually have mine in my lap while I'm at the computer for half an hour a day or so.
Welcome to the thread!!
First of all, welcome to the thread!! Out of curiosity, do your male/female pigs live together? Is one neutered, or are both intact? Many of the people on this forum are anti-breeding because it is unhealthy for the female guinea pig.

You should feed them aprox. 1C of veggies per pig, per day. 1/8-1/4 C pellets (per pig, per day)

Fruits and veggies are listed in this link. https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/post-254730 This one might help too https://www.guinealynx.info/nutrition.html

They can spend a few hours outside but they should always be supervised, have some form of shade, and a water source if they're outside for more than an hour (I think that's right)

Some fun things to put in their cage are tunnels, fleece forests (search them on here to see what they are and how to make them), cuddle cups, cavy caves, etc. Be sure you don't put TOO much in their cave, they need a place to hide but they also need lots of space to run around!!

Timothy hay is the typical hay fed to piggies, If they're under the age of 6 months they need alfalfa through either pellets or hay. (broken link removed) or Oxbow are great sources of hay and pellets. Don't feed them the pellets with all the seeds and colored stuff in it, it's unhealthy junk!

Hope this helps and again, welcome!! :)
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