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Hello everyone! I have one piggie his name is pip!


Cavy Slave
May 14, 2012
i have one piggie named Pip, im unsure of his gender,
he was a turn-in at a petco a few towns over, he was apparently found in his cage (of cat litter) in front of the store when they were opening,so they had him out for free and i brought him home.
he really needed some vit c. his hair was really coarse and he was shedding a LOT. his nails were overgrown and he had kitty litter stuck on his hands and his belly, he's doing better now, his fur is almost soft.. but still a little rough, he still sheds a LOT he's clean and is no longer being housed in cat litter...

I had two piggies previously, i got them from craigslist from a family who couldn't afford them anymore, almost two weeks after having them they died.
I came home from work got the one named linny out and he was so bloated he litteraly just rolled when i placed him on the floor, i took him to the bathroom for the bright light to inspect his body and his tummy was bleeding but i never found out where the blood was coming from it was just there.. same for the other piggie, (max) he died the next day randomly.

Iv owned manny rabbits, but i don't have much exspearance with piggies so im here to learn ^.^

thanks for having me and Pip,
here's a photo of him,

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello everyone! I have one piggie his name is pip!
honestly im not sure, it seems he has a lot hair, i dont see any balding areas or thin areas if that's what you're asking, its all rather thick, just a LOT of it comes out when i brush, i can post a photo of how much hair is coming out with three or four brush strokes if you'd like.
As long as he doesn't have any bald/thinning spots and isn't itching more than he should, I'd say it's fine and most likely just shedding.
Hi. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here. I'm sorry about your first 2 piggies. It doesn't sound like your current pig is doing too well, either, poor thing. It sounds like he was on a very poor diet if his coat is coarse and he's shedding. Here are some links to help you get him straightened out:https://www.guinealynx.info/diet.html
Thanks for your welcomes!
He was in a rather poor condition when I got him but he's doing better now, i heard him wheek for the first time yesterday and iv had since april 17th, I was listening to music and the song ended and he made a bit of noise, he has yet to do it again.. lol but im hoping he will come out of his shell, he's really outgoing and likes to just sit on your lap or chest if youre laying down and be petted.

allthough he has an odd-build, im not sure if he is over weight. or there is something wrong in general maybe you guys can help me out.
here's a photo of him from above,
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello everyone! I have one piggie his name is pip!
and here have another photo of his cute face!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello everyone! I have one piggie his name is pip!
Welcome to the forum! Pip is a real cutie -- love his sweet face.
It might just be the way you're holing "him" in the picture but he sure does have a pronounced [pear shape] to him. ;]

Adorable none-the-less! I've gotten a few pigs from Petco drop-offs [I used to work there].
Since you said you didn't know the gender of "Him" I am thinking that you may have a "She" and that "She" is pregnant. Also please look at the link I provided before in the post to check if he is a he or a she. lol

It might just be the way you're holing "him" in the picture but he sure does have a pronounced [pear shape] to him. ;]
Im not really holding him, i just had my hand under him.
but as long as it's not alarming to anybody, lol

as for he being, a he..
I don't know for sure but he's been with me since april 17th, if he is a she, wouldn't she have had her babies?
I really know nothing about how long they carry for >.<
im going to go weigh pip right now on my scale and ill measure him as well, im going to start keeping track of that ill let you guys know pips measurements.
No not necessarily. I provided a link where you can learn all about how long they carry for, etc, it will also help you to judge if she may be pregnant, and you would be able to sex her/him yourself from the other link I gave. Or you can just take her to a cavy savvy vet who can determine what gender he/she is, and if she is pregnant. The vet can also give you lots of helpful tips about the care for babies, how to adopt them out, etc. But make sure it is a good vet, not just one that takes guinea pigs. I recently had a very bad experience with a vet who took guinea pigs, but ended up knowing nothing and leaving everything up to me which ended in the death of one of my piggies. :(
pip is 13 inches long and 7 inches wide at the widest part of his body.
my scale didnt detect weight >.> it's a human electric scale.. and i tried to sex him but could not come up with anything in particular, but im leaning twords boy..
why is he so... pear-ish? lol
You'll have to get one of those scales made for produce, guinea pigs are not big enough for a human scale. His pear-ish shape may either just be normal, and he is an odd shaped piggy, but I am leaning towards the fact that he is pregnant, which would cause a pear shape.
ill have to call around and find a vet, to check pip out, hopefully i can find one soon, i live in the mountains and it makes finding good vets difficult.
Welcome! Since I started on this forum I've learned alot of new things! I hope you can learn so much too.
Pip is adorable. I love the coloring.
I can't wait to hear about another week sound.
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