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Hello cavies lovers!


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Dec 26, 2011
We just recently got 2 girlies for my 2 kids as Christmas presents and I am so glad we did it! I used to have a huge boy (he was almost as big as a rabbit) about 20 years ago but no other piggies since then. My kids named them Kelly (in memory of our very favorite Malamute ever) and Crystal. I read here that most were rescues and now I feel kinda guilty that we've bought them from a pet store, but I am glad we did, they are so happy here and we love them so very much! Don't have too many pics now, but will take some more next days. [GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers! [GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!
I'd like to attach a pic to my profile but I can't figure out how to do it... yet.
Welcome! Your girls are adorable.! Many of us started out with pet store pigs. I did. Now that you know, next time you will adopt.!

Anyway lots of good info here to keep your new babies happy. Read and check into it. Feel free to ask any questions. So looking forward to sharing all things piggie.
One thing is for sure, We are cavy lovers!!
Thank you for the welcoming message! So good to know we're all cavy lovers and we can share experiences and ask for advices here. I will certainly read a lot and ask for help when needed.
Still trying to find rescues in my area, I'm not sure where they are, not online till now.
I don't know what breed the little one with black could be (Kelly). I know the bigger of the 2 girls is an American one (I hope I didn't get this wrong), but the smaller one seem a different breed: her fur is so much smoother than Crystal's and even her little muzzle is smaller. She seem to be a different breed, I just don't know which one.

Here is a recent pigture of them:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!
Welcome, your girls are so cute, TFS those pigtures!
Oh thank you! I posted more pics in my album under my profile.
Unexpected situation: just got a new piggie, a baby girl from someone that wanted to just get rid of it after only a week of keeping it! I couldn't just let that happen so we took her. It's about 2 months old (although it is much smaller than our 2 girlies which are supposed to be 2-4 months old now).

We will extend the C&C cage these days but the biiig and unpleasant surprise is that the baby is chased by Kelly (the brown-black-white one), which we thought is shy and calm and fearful! We were afraid that the bigger one will be aggressive but actually she's protecting the baby and Kelly even nudged to her while trying to hit the baby, and Kelly even showed her teeth to her bigger "sister" when she tried to protect the baby. No biting so far, but chasing and hitting the baby to her rear end or even to the sides. Is this something normal? I already read everything from here Guinea Pigs Social Life but we're still very concerned. Poor baby is squeaking so hard when the other one is chasing or hitting her, she's so frightened. We take her to comfort her and she calms herself down immediately when held.

I just hope they'll go along together, I want to rescue the baby, not to give her up to a shelter if things don't work out!
Some more info: last night we divided their cage to make an enclosure for the baby and they all chewed on the grids during night. We were afraid to let them all together while nobody could watch them because of Kelly's behavior. How long can it take for them to get along? My husband just told me that he can't extend the cage today (too busy at work), but maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile all 3 girls are on floor time with us watching them closely (my kids still in vacation). Still some bumping/hitting with the nose, some chasing too... :(
First off, huge welcome to the forum and gorgeous pigs! I'm in So. Cal as well, there are many rescues down here, I volunteer with one and foster for another, so I can help point you to the closest rescue if you ever need to know.

Did you do introductions properly? If not, please read the middle of the page in the link you posted, and introduce that way. You also should have quarantined, but that is a moot point now that they have already been together.

After you do intros successfully, completely clean the cage they are going to share, including everything in the cage (hideys, etc.). Place them in the cage and watch. Sometimes things heat up again in the cage, like the chattering and teeth bearing, but this is completely normal. As long as all of the pigs have free access to food and water and aren't being pestered to absolutely no end, and no blood is drawn, then leave them be and they will work it out.
Thanks for answering! I'd like to know some rescues in my area (W Inland Empire), but I don't want to give up with the baby!

I completely forgot about quarantine! I only read the introductions section and we did everything like there, except for taking out of the cage all hideys or toys. Will try that again this evening. So you say is good to just let the cage empty, only with food, water and hay?
Since this mrning they are all 3 of them on floortime, on a playpen build only from cube grids and a blanket on the bottom. They got their breakfast and lunch there, lots of hay and of course water. Do you think we should get them into their cage already?

I don't have the heart to let the baby crying for help when Kelly is chasing or attacking her, she's so small comparing with the other two. And she's so afraid now! The other one (the biggest one of them) was just cuddling for a nap with her side by the baby's side, and the baby started literally crying out loud... Then she stopped of course, because she realized that the other one wants to sleep by her side. Should I just let them be, as you said, with hitting and everything?
Here's few pigtures of the new baby:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello cavies lovers!

In the third pic, from left to right: Kelly, Ariel and Crystal. My daughter wanted the baby to be named Crystal and I figured they don't know their names anyway, so this wouldn't hurt, would it?
I don't understand what got into Kelly, she was the very shy and fearful one, and Ariel seemed to be the dominant one. Now is like Kelly's a rebel and she wants to rule over Ariel and the baby. I hope this is just normal behavior, not that something happened to her (like she's shocked that a third piggy showed up in their compound).
I even gave them apples last night, although I give them apples only 2 times a week and yesterday wasn't the day for apples. I tried to make them feel spoiled and happy that they have a new play-partner.
Sorry if I wasn't clear: the accessories in the cage should all be removed and cleaned, but can be replaced prior to putting the pigs in. You don't want to put them all together in a new cage for the first time with anything in the cage smelling like the original two pigs. You can have hideys and such in there for them, you just want to be sure to clean them first so that the pigs don't get in and the hideys all smell like a pig already. If everything is smelling new to them, they are less apt to be guarding the "new" things from the new pig.

If they have been in the neutral space you described all day and they are all getting along, then you can place them in the newly prepared cage. Which brings to mind: how big is the cage? If the cage is too cramped, it could cause a lot of problems when adding a new pig. I would go no smaller than a 5x2.

It is tough when you hear the pigs crying out like that, but sometimes a pig is just more vocal than others when it comes to letting everyone know "I don't want to challenge you!". As long as nobody is drawing blood and baby isn't running herself to death trying to get away from anyone, they will work it all out.
Oh, OK then, I misunderstood the removing part. Indeed, we didn't clean the things inside. I just bought a new water bottle for the new baby and a new food bowl for them. The cage is only 4x2 for now (it was meant for only 2 piggies) but we want to extend it, either horizontally or vertically (which would be easier).
The baby is not running at all when attacked, she freezes and cries the hell out of her tiny lungs. It makes me almost cry... So we'll leave them by themselves to work it all out then.

Again, thanks a lot for the valuable advices!
Ah, freeze and scream... thats how one of my pigs lets everyone know to keep away. It nearly gave me a heart attack the first dozen times I heard it, so I know where you are coming from. They may take some time to figure it out, but just be sure to keep a good eye on them and routinely check them for any injuries. No harm, no foul.

Also, regarding rescues in your area: orange county cavy haven has a lot of fosters throughout Socal, though they are located in Orange County (I'm in SD and foster for them). So, if you ever do decide to adopt another pig in the future, they would be a great resource. They also have close relationships with multiple animal shelters throughout Socal and are always listing pigs stuck in shelters on their site.
Oh, and should I get some alfalfa hay for them? Found some in the neighborhood but it looked all dry and almost yellow. Last night (yes, it was almost the closing hour at the pet store), when running to get the new water bottle, I also got them some orchard grass to see which they like the most. I'm still looking for hay from farms and I need to knwo which one to get for them.
As a matter of fact, OCCH was the only rescue I've found searching the internet and I figured they're not in my area so they won't service here. But for now it's good we've rescued another piggy, and of course will look into this rescue and their activities for sure.
You should give them alfalfa pellets until your two are six months of age, after which time they should have timothy pellets. They need unlimited grass hay, such as timothy hay, orchard grass, bluegrass, etc. Since the pigs are healthy, I wouldn't feed alfalfa hay (a legume hay, not a grass hay), since they will get the nutrients they need from an alfalfa based pellet, such as Oxbow Cavy Performance.

Local farms and feed stores may have affordable hay available but the quality, as you have seen, can be suspect. KMS Hayloft may seem expensive when one includes the shipping charge but when it is calculated out, it is actually a good deal. I buy the 3rd cut timothy hay and the bluegrass hay and it is nothing short of excellent quality.

ETA: If you still have the baby when you switch your pigs from alfalfa to timothy pellets, you can supplement calcium in the baby's diet by feeding some parsley to her during lap time so that all 3 pigs are on the same pellets.
Still trying to find a local provider of good quality hay for prices like $4 or close per bale. :)
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