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Hello all! Intro and a few ?'s

andy hugs pigs

Cavy Slave
Mar 27, 2012
I’m new to the forum and wanted to say hello and ask a few questions. 3 weeks ago I adopted 2 rescue piggies that are so awesome (I’ll post some pictures). I had bought a cage from a large chain pet store and actually thought it was big (and of course I was wrong). So thankfully I did some research on pigs as soon as I got them and learned about C&C cages from youtube and the rest of the web. I then promptly bought a 2x4 C&C cage and they seem so happy now. So they only spent 2 weeks in their little cage which is bad enough but thankfully I learned before it was longer.
I think I got most of the bases covered. I have the large cage with approximately 10.5 sq. feet. I give them a fresh supply of timothy hay daily and clean what they didn’t want. I use care fresh bedding. I give them fresh veggies twice a day with romaine lettuce as the bulk of it along with occasional peppers and a few carrots but try to space them out and not overfeed the extras to them. Keep them a fresh supply of natural spring water (no chlorine or fluoride).
Here are my questions (I’ll try to clear and concise)…
1. Can I give them a wood chew toy? Or a timothy hay tunnel to help with tooth maintenance?
2. What is the best bang for the buck, care fresh or yesterdays news?
3. How often should I change my bedding given the 2x4 C&C cage and two pigs? I know it something that I have to see for myself with sight and odor but what would be average?
4. Is occasional spinach ok in their veggies?
5. Pigloos or fleece pouches for hide spots?
6. *Important* Ever since I moved them to the larger cage a week ago they seem slightly less social with me. Is this just an adjustment period to better living quarters or maybe cause in the small cage they really didn’t have places to run when I wanted to hold them. They seem really healthy and all so I don’t think it’s health.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all!  Intro and a few ?'s

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all!  Intro and a few ?'s

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all!  Intro and a few ?'s
More pics soon..
Welcome to the forum! Those new pictures you promised should include the pigs!

They need unlimited long strand grass hay, like timothy. And you don't have to clean out what they don't eat as long as they haven't peed on it.

Keep an eye out for white spots where their urine dries since you're feeding them romaine. Most pigs do fine with it, but some will excrete calcium in their urine. If you run into that, switch them to red or green leaf lettuce.

They need a good quality pellet such as Cavy Performance Cuisine (I'm assuming they're less than six months old) or Kleenmama's alfalfa pellets ((broken link removed)).

How often you have to clean your cage depends on how large it is. I've never used either carefresh or yesterday's news, so have no idea how long either lasts.

Occasional spinach is ok -- it's too high in oxalates and vitamin A to be fed on a regular basis. Read https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/ for what you can feed and how often.

I hate pigloos, but a lot of people use them. There's no air circulation, they sit and sleep in a lot of poop and pee, and one pig can trap another in them. I use step stools from the dollar store.

I expect their running from you is just because they've got more room to run. Keep feeding them treats (not the junk you find in pet stores, but things like dill, basil, occasional bits of fruit, even just part of their daily salad) and they'll eventually come around.
Thanks bpatters! Do you or can you post a pic of the step stool idea you had for them. I may not be sure how that works.

And I will definitely get some close ups of the pigs but my camera stinks on my phone so it may take a day but it will get done.

Thanks for the link too!
Welcome and as you see there are lots of folks willing to help you. The Mods are great and very helpful. There is a ton of information in past posts so be sure to read, read, read and you will learn lots. Please, piggy pictures soon...:)
Thanks for approving my new piggy pics ;-)
Wow, their coats are shiny, love the little noises they make.
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