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Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!


Cavy Slave
Feb 22, 2012
Hi guys. My name is Kenny and my two young piggies 4 and 5 months are Booger Buzz and Woody and yes my young son had just a bit to do with that. While I am saying a brief hello. I looked around some but wasn't sure how to search the whole forum instead of sections. anywho, my long hair texel Woody is a bit of a nibbler when you hold him. yes they have tons of chew toys, apple sticks, edible pigloos etc. But today he [Woody] drew blood on our way to floor time. He has not ever really even left a mark before. I had a guinea pig for a few years when I was a young kid. Heck even Buzz nibbles but I have never bleed from a cute lil piggy. What steps should I take if any and what if he does it again. I do have a 3 year old who loves them very much. He only handles them under close supervision. Oh yeah Hello . I am super excited to be a part of the community. Thanks in advance and feel free to move this post to another section and I apologize if I am blatantly ignorant and could have used the search feature better.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!
I found the info needed on the Biting. Sorry for the run on.
Your guinea pigs are beyond cute!
Welcome!! :)
It matters WHERE he was bleeding.
No I was Bleeding. but not much. Sorry if there was confusion. And thank you I will let them know, that I'm not the only one who thinks so.
Welcome to the forum!
Your piggies are very cute. :)
Hello and welcome!
Very cute piggies!!
You listed some nice chew toys for them, but make they have plenty of grass hay for them to chew and eat! They need it 24/7!
they are spoiled. I promise the get tons of timothy hay, and some alfalfa for their growing piggy poop chutes! They have one hay wheel, a hay rack and a stuffed hay fleece cozzy. I usually fill each at least twice a day. I will post some pictures of their piggy condo tomorrow.
Welcome, Cute piggies and love the names. Might try to Use a tunnel or cuddle sac to pick them up and take them to floor time. I found this helpful my gidget gets mad and nips me too if I don't use these plus its easier to catch her this way as she still runs from me. She does fine once we are in recliner or on the floor and She doesn't bite any other time so she is i guess doesn't like to be picked up by me any way I have done it.
First off, Welcome to the forum! Second, You have very cute piggies! And Third I can help.

I too have a piggie that nibbles. But never has drawn blood before. Since I think you would do anything to have a good piggie and want to have a great experience, follow my tip.

So maybe you have caused him discomfort. So try to handle him very very carefully. Support your guinea pig with your left hand over his back, he should be facing towards you. Use your other hand to support his bum. This is the best way to carry them and its save and comfortable for your guinea pig. Also make sure he is close up and is against your chest.

Maybe he is kinda not in the mood for being picked up. I'd leave him in the cage for a day to get him back to his normal temperament.

If both of these have not worked, I would take him to the vet to make sure he is alright
Has Woody been treated for mites? Mites are a very common reason for guinea pigs to bite -- handling them makes the mites more active, and the pigs get very cranky.

Treating him for those is the first thing I'd do. As long as he weighs 350 grams, treating him won't hurt him and may help him. Read www.guinealynx.info/mites.html and www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin.html.
Thanks for the advice, tips and Ideas, on how to best mind my piggies. Sorry for the Delayed response. After some of the earlier tips and being that both of my piggies are under 6 months and new to our home and knowing most of their history, I was not to overly worried. And probably more excited about the responses and using them. Than the actual result of said, indecent. And happy to announce, a days rest of handling and now picking up with microfiber towel or similar no issues and return trip is usually exhaustion. And not to ignore bpatters, I have scheduled an appt with my Vet for mid march. ( still love the Idea that the piggies are available for appt) I did however want to keep my word on my piggy condo. I hope This is okay to post here, if not I do apologize to whom ever has to move said post and will do my best to not waste space. Thanks again for everyone's input and help.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello all ! I hope to make new friends and learn a lot of awesomeness!
You would think that Being a stay at home Dad would make for quick responses but, I often struggle for time to make the simple adult thoughts to come to forwishon. So Again Thanks I look forward to new and exciting threads
Nice cage! Love the ramp. I wish I could have an open cage, they look so nice. Unfortunately 4 very curious cats doesn't permit me to do so.

Your piggies are cuties
I am trying to find the cubes to make one of these cages (at the moment my gps have to live in an indoor rabbit cage but they get heaps of out time etc to make up for it)
What I was wondering is... how did u get the top part to sit on the top? can I just not see the support pole or something lol...
anyways, very cool home and cute piggies
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