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Behavior Held Up and No Ups

Cheeky Piggy

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Apr 15, 2012
My guinea named "Boo" does not like to be held it seems. I've had him for over a few weeks now, and unlike his neighboring brother, doesn't like affection. Of course he's a bit shy still, but I do take many efforts in to making his transition into my arms as stress free as I possibly can. Yet, he still chatters his teeth from fear, and naturally, he runs and hides. (Which I expect any new piggy to do.) Do any of you piggy owners out there have a pig that does not like to be held as well? Are there chances that I can make him begin to love human interaction down the road? I've done feedings while holding him,ect. It's just the breaks in between of not holding him that seems to set him back. I don't attempt to pick him up as his teeth chatter. I know that's a sign of saying "stay away." But he does this at every attempt.

What should I do? Is there any hope into loving my little Boo????
I appreciate the information. Thank you! With my one boar Pumpkin, he still runs away, but never chatters his teeth towards me, and "chasing" him around takes less effort when it comes to picking him up. I try to interact with both of them at least twice daily for as long as they'll let me hold them. Or when they give me signs that they have to use the bathroom. Nipping my shirt, ect. I just wasn't sure about Boo and his chattering. So thank you ever so much!
Three of my pigs are wonderful during lap-time, but they still run and hide when I start to get them out. Numa just darts under the fleece forest and waits for me to grab him.

I do have one pig who, even after a year, refuses to be on my lap nicely unless he's in a shoebox.

Every pig is different, just try your best to hold him for a little each day. I'm sure he'll improve with effort, treats, and gentleness. If you're having trouble catching him in the first place while maintaining a safe hold on him (with his back,rump well supported), you can buy a burrow bag or fleece tunnel. They'll run in there and you can just scoop it up.
My two are very diffrent so yeah i've learned they're just as diffrent as people....or children, mine act like the kids they are. Porcupine will relax to the point of falling asleep when in my lap. Odair might lay down but he is always alert! He's usually easier to catch to. I've heard of boars trying to bluff out their owner's by chattering but never actually following through with it other then the chatter. He could just be trying to scare you back. So calling his bluff might make him realize that won't work.
Thanks for the wonderful advice everyone! I'm reporting that Boo is doing much better with his chattering. (Not doing it so often.) I know each piggy is different, and has their own personality. I was just a little confused on his teeth chattering signals. Glad to know that it's not an uncommon thing!
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