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Sick Heavy Breathing?


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Dec 12, 2011
I have noticed lately that when Dudley lays down or eats his breathing seems to be really heavy. We don't have a second guinea pig to compare the way he breathes to, so I want to find out if how he is breathing is concerning.

It just seems like really short and fast breaths and a clicking sound accompanied it the other night (haven't heard it again since then). When I first noticed it he was asleep and I figured that he was just in a deep sleep, but I have been noticing that he also does it when he is eating, which is why I am concerned.

I know guinea pigs breathe (obviously) but is this a little faster/heavier than it should be? And if it is, does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be? If he needs to, he will obviously go to a vet, but I just want to have some sort of an idea about it first.

This video was taken this afternoon, just after I fed him.

Sometimes odd breathing is a sign of heart problems in a pig. But good luck finding a vet who has a clue how to treat them. Here's a link to some info you should read, and possibly print out and take with you to the vet: https://www.guinealynx.info/heart.html

There's also an Emergency and Medical Forum thread at GL which compiles the stories of several heart pigs -- you can find that here: https://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25375

Searching GL on "heart," even in the Emergency and Medical Forum, gets you so many hits the system won't return them. But you might just browse through the titles and see if any look like they're heart related.

That may not be his problem at all, but I'd definitely have it checked out. And you'll need a good​ exotic vet.
Is it true that pea eye and a heart problem can be related? When we first got Dudley I could see some white at the bottom of his eye but in the last while the white has gotten bigger to the point where he looks like some of the pictures of guinea pigs with pea eye. I know I read it can be genetic or related to heart problems, but I am hoping that someone has a little proof about that.

We are looking for a vet to take him to, but when we were calling around to talk about having him neutered, the vets we talked to didn't seem completely knowledgeable and all that experienced. The vet we took him to when he was having digestive issues didn't really help at all because he didn't tell us anything other than what we read online. It was almost like he left the room and went on his computer, so we aren't going to take him there for something like this.

I really hope he doesn't have a heart problem, but as soon as we find a vet we trust, we will take him there.

This is what his eyes look like, when I was taking the picture he was clicking and breathing odd again, but my camera ran out of memory to take another video. It's like he is chattering his teeth, but he isn't angry.

Heavy Breathing?

His eye is usually black, the flash made it look like that. In person, his eyes are a little cloudy when he is in the light, but definitely not that bad. The camera wasn't that close to him, the picture is zoomed in.
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