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Nov 25, 2004
Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in another thread, my girl Cocoa had her babies on Monday night, one of which didn't make it. The remaining one, Peanut, died this morning, and I have no idea why. I'm devastated, and I'm scared I did something wrong with her that caused her death. She seemed so happy and active only a couple of hours before she died.

I can think of a number of possible causes. Was she not getting enough milk from mum? Could her mum have hurt her? Could I have hurt her? I did pick her up a couple of times but she seemed fine with it, sniffing and checking things out.

Could it have been the heat? It was up to 35 degrees C yesterday (about 95F I think). She had an ice bottle and a fan on her, and she seemed to be fine when I came home from work.

Since her sibling was stillborn, could it have been a birth defect? Could she have been sick and I just didn't know it?

Please, any suggestions of what might have gone wrong.
I'm really sorry to hear that. It must be upsetting. I was present at the birth of 3 guinea pigs, but I just pretty much left them to get on with it.

It's difficult to tell what happened to yours. I suppose it could have been any number of things. Although I expect the heat wouldn't have helped. I thought I read somewhere that 15-28 degrees was the temperature range that they could tolerate. I believe guinea pigs are prone to overheat above 28. But perhaps they had some birth defect that nothing could be done about.

Once again, I'm very sorry to hear of this sad news. I can understand it must be heart-breaking for you.
Thank you to those who wrote and PMd me. I've come to the conclusion that it was the heat that caused the death of both babies, one during the birth and the other only a couple of days later. It was my ignorance which allowed it to happen, if I'd known she was overheating I'd have made greater efforts to cool her off, but it's good to know the cause. Stupid Australian heatwaves.
I am SO sorry about your babies.
Aaaw! Im soooooo sorry. im sure you did the best you could for her.

My heart goes out to you... I'm so sorry about your babies! It almost makes me want to cry...

Aww Im so sorry about your 2 losses. Hope alls go well with you and the mommy. :(
I'm so sorry to hear about your babies. Don't blame yourself or the heat...you did your best to protect them. Sometimes these things just happen...
Thanks for your support, everyone.

Cocoa and I are doing fine. She's a little skittish, I think she's wondering why she's suddenly alone again, but I'm in the process of finding her a friend to keep her company. I've located a shelter nearby and I'm planning of checking it out soon. Do you think I need to leave a mourning time for Cocoa, or should she be okay with a new friend right away?
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! But you did the best you could.

I think it would be ok to get her a new friend soon. Maybe give her a week or two before you get it though. ?
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