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Frustrated Heart issues


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Nov 11, 2021
For those of you who have heart piggies, what meds are they on and how much, my vet is hopefully going to squeeze me in tomorrow as one of my pigs didn’t respond to the antibiotics at all. Vet was hopeful that it was pneumonia, but he also suspected a heart issue. I wish he would’ve prescribed me medication for her heart because I had a feeling it wasn’t pneumonia since she didn’t have any of the symptoms of pneumonia, but her rapid breathing suggest that it’s her heart. And she did not improve at all on baytril. He’s always super busy so I just thought it would be good to know the names of some of the common heart medication used for the guinea pigs. Like the diuretic, and whatever else she might need. At this point I’m just desperate. He a very kind vet, but he made the comment and said that they’re kind of considered pocket pets which bothered me because I don’t want to have to put her to sleep if it’s something that’s possibly fixable. Please pray for my Louise. She does still eat and is pooping normally. But I have been syringe feeding her critical care, to make sure that she’s getting her nutrients and liquid at least. I’m just praying that she can hold on until she gets new meds.

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My pig Bruin had CHF and was on 3 or 4 meds...I know he was on furosemide, theophyline (sp?), and possibly something else. He was abandoned, so the CHF had gone untreated and was quite severe by the time he made it to me. Ask the doctor to take xrays if they haven't yet.
Thanks I will!! I’m so worried, how much longer did he live after meds?

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Thanks I will!! I’m so worried, how much longer did he live after meds?

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Well, the answer will scare you so just keep in mind that Bruin was very sick when I got him. He was pts after a month. The vet was actually wanting to do it on our first visit, but I didn't want to give up. If you're just starting to get into heart issue territory, your pig's chances of living for a while are probably pretty decent. Heart issues can be managed quite well, so if you catch it early your pig will probably do well.
Thank you, I really hope she can stick around, I took her in when a man dropped her and her partner off unwanted at the pet store I work at. She had a huge abscess which I had removed right away and she’s been my best little pal ever since.
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