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Behavior he wont let me pick him up:(


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Dec 18, 2011
hello, i just got my guinea pig harvey and i have had him for 3 days now and he is so sweet and lets me rub him and touch him an dhes eating good and drinking and raoming his cage! but i try to pick him up and he like freaks out and jumps sideways and he runns :( i dont know how to hold him or what to do:( i just want to hold him so bad!!
btw im new at guinea pigs, this is my first one:love:
This is common behavior for guinea pigs as they are prey animals and the fear of being snatched up by another animal is always there. Keep feeding him by hand and petting him and at some point gently corner him and pick him up. Hold his rump and keep him secure to your chest. Always be careful as they are squirmy. Sit down with him and gently pet him. Many times, once picked up and held securely, they will be fine. I have four sows and must corner three of them to be picked up, only one will let me pick her up without a mild chase.
thank you i will continue to do that! i just get to scared to pull him up i try and then he like jumps and swirms and runns but he lets me pet him anywhere! will he ever let me hold him? :(
I wouldn't rush it. Some people put a small towel over the pig to make it feel more secure, then gently lift it. Just be sure you have him securely before you take him up and out of the cage.. and have a place to sit down nearby. If he is very young, he will calm down in time.
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