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Behavior he poops in his water dish?


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Jan 3, 2012
is it normal behaviour for a boar? i have to change his water 4 times a day because of it,he is way more messy the my sow, wont even go in a corner to poop. also he is a very nervous piggy, he hides the moment i enter the room, wont let me pick him up and keeps biting the bars of the cage, his "bad' behaviour started when i separated him from the sow, who is about to give birth. what can i do to make him happy, he is in a 2x3 c&C cage and is right beside her cage. am i doing anything wrong here? oh and the reason for the water dish is he refuses to drink from a bottle
He'll learn how to drink from a water bottle if that is what has available. I had to train one of mine one time to do so and as long as I had a bowl of water in there, she had no incentive to try to learn how to use one. I will not comment much on the sow's pregnancy as I do not have the whole story (missexing of pigs led to pregnancy, intentional breeding, or whatever), but do make sure you have a good vet lined up as many sows do not have complication-free pregnancies or births.
Honestly he sounds normal the hiding is something they do they are a prey animal and its instinct to hide. For some it could take a while for them to warm up to you. But not using a water bottle is odd, and no matter what you do poos will get everywhere even in the water and food dishes they are messy critters, yes sometimes you will have one that likes to poo in a specific corner but not all will . This isn't "bad behavior" its normal. , and he's probably biting at the bars to get to the sow.

Now my question is why are you breeding them? Or was this a case of a pet store mis-sexing?
the whole sow pregnancy was discussed in another of my threads, lets just say, i will never believe again a word of what the pet store guys say. i will try as you said to only give him a bottle and no dish. any other advice?
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