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Australia Hay storage warning


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Oct 30, 2010
Kiwi's if you buy small bags of hay instead of bales... make sure
Please make sure where ever you buy your hay from it is stored off the floor.

I recently purchased a bag of hay. When I got it home I thought mmm no this smells a bit musty to me. Maximus von Lichtenwalder refused to eat it.

I took it back to the store and asked to open other bags to choose a better one - I opened 6 bags - they all smelled as bad or worse. In one the entire bottomportion of hay was bright yellow and a small dust cloud puffed out when I wiggled my finger.

It turned out the hay was stored in plastic bags with holes around it
DIRECTLY ON THE CONCRETE. I visited another store of the same franchise
and asked their manager how their hay was stored. He was quick to say
on Pallets off the floor when it came in. So I figure that some stores KNOW and others DON'T.

Please if you are buying your hay learn what mould smells like and please be aware that Some moulds you Can't smell. So if your piggy is well fed and reluctant to eat his hay... please take it back, the store told me they have Never had anyone return hay - which means rabbits and pigs are eating mouldy hay and their people don't know it's mouldy.

I am concerned that some pigs are eating hay because they have to not because it's good. The same day I bought mine I saw at least two other bags being sold at the same time and the guy who helped me didn't say that Any other hay had come back from the same lot or that they were aware of Any issues at all. Told me that they always sell out their hay load in a week!

(Needless to say I was refunded and went to a different place and bought a bale for the price of the bag.)
Good to know
Thanks for the warning! I once saw a bag of hay that the bottom half was black! They removed it but yuck!
Thanks for warning us! I used to buy hay from a feed barn, and it had mites all through it. It gave mites to one of my pigs and killed her. </3
Wow iMariaRainbowz that's just terrible! I am sorry to hear that. Definitely a case of buyer's beware of the hay that people try to sell you! I no longer feel any guilt whatsoever cutting a bale to look see. The folks selling can get annoyed but they can also tie it up again so it's not a big deal really taking the time to check that what you are buying is suitable. And it's so heartening to watch pigs appreciate good quality hay!
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