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General Hay Storage Bug Prevention - Cloth Bag?


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Sep 19, 2023
Hello. I am new to Piggies, but I'm trying to get information prior to adopting in November. I had a dog with fleas in the past and I'm concerned about Hay attracting bugs. If I store the hay in a cloth zippered laundry bag, I think that would keep things out of it but also let it breathe. I haven't seen anyone use a laundry fabric bag so I thought maybe there was a reason? Thoughts?
A breathable laundry bag should be fine. You just don't want to store hay where there's no air circulation.
Thanks! If you have hay in a tray for them (2) to eat, how often do you dump that out and add new hay? Is it just better to have some sort of hanging hay holder because less hay is wasted? I get the sense they like to play in hay but I'm also concerned about them peeing/pooping in it and possibly eating peed on hay.
You will want to lay it loose in the cage.
They will play, poop and pee in it. A hay rack can be tidy but denies your pigs the benefit of foraging in their hay along with playing, hiding, burrowing, nesting, etc in it (at least my boys do all that).

Wasting hay is just a fact of life. For my guys, I dump their hay when I change their kitchen liners every day or every other day. I add new hay to their pile at least 4 times a day. Yes they may soil their hay but you’ll notice they won’t eat any old or dirty hay. Thus all the constant fresh hay I give mine.

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