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General Hay Rollers OK?


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Dec 18, 2011
I bought a hay roller when I first got my guinea pigs, not knowing that it was bad. So it has just been sitting around, and I was wondering if I could just zip-tie it to the side of their cage, so that is doesn't roll, and have the top facing up so that I can stuff hay into it. So would it be ok to use then? Or is there still a safety risk of some kind?
There is still the chance of them getting their head stuck, so I would say no.
I don't think pigs can get their head stuck in them, if they're the same kinds I'm thinking of. The worry was of paws being inside a crack while it spins. Ouch. If it doesn't spin, I don't know how much you have to worry.

My only other concern is them actually being able to get hay out of it. When I used to buy supplies at Petsmart, they'd use them in their cages. It didn't look like they could get the hay out very easily.
I tied one to my old cage, like you're thinking of, and I didn't have any problems. Maybe I got lucky, but Daisy naver had any problems getting hay out, or getting her feet stuck. If you zip tie it high enough, I don't think their feet will get stuck. I had one of those Bed Bath & Beyond utensil holders in my hand to use for a hayrack like some others are using, and I put it back. It looked like their heads could get stuck between the wires.
Well.. Since they need unlimited hay i would say no .. its hard for them to get the hay out i used to have one and i took it back the next day ..
I used this hay roller for a long time, I just left it on the ground like a ball instead of it spinning. My pigs got their hay out easily, and if you're worried about their head getting stuck, just use a twist tie to tie the door shut when you aren't filling it.
Well.. Since they need unlimited hay i would say no .. its hard for them to get the hay out i used to have one and i took it back the next day ..

I'm not aiming to make this their main source of hay, I just wanted to have a use for it, or just throw it out if it was dangerous no matter what. They also have a big pile of unlimited hay in the bedding area of the cage, where they are most of the day, and also a pile of unlimited hay in a loft. :D
Thanks everyone! I'll be adding it to their cage when I get a chance, and will make sure that it does not have a chance of spinning, and that the door is facing up so that they can't open it and get inside. xD That will also make it easier to add hay into, because I won't have to keep spinning it around looking for the door.
Interesting thread. I have a hay roller but, like many of you, I don't have it on the spinner. I clip the door closed, and it's in Borat's cage as more of a toy (he has hay in cardboard tubes too). He loves rolling it around so hopefully it's safe if it's never mounted on the spinner. He pushes it around with his head, and so far I haven't noticed any problems. He doesn't have it all the time because I rotate his toys frequently.
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