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Hay Hay racks vs hay all over fleece


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Jan 16, 2012
Hi everybody. I had a question about hay management. I've tried several different hay racks, and while my piggies do eat some hay from a rack, they eat SO MUCH more hay if I just throw a pile on my fleece bedding. The problem is that the hay makes a mess that is very difficult to get off the fleece. I want to encourage my pigs to eat more hay, but it would be nice to limit the mess that results every day. Has anybody come up with a solution?
I know a lot of other people have used containers of some sort to put their hay in. I have seen people use litter trays, pie pans, etc. I'm currently using plastic prep/breading trays that I found on clearance at the store. These ones on Amazon are similar to what I have: (broken link removed)

Hope that helps some!
well my pigs main living space is enormeous so I doubt you can do what I do, however I give them the base of a small hamster cage and I put the hay in there, very little is knowcked out of it because of the inch high edges, however I don't know if you have space like that. On side note as cleen a piggys like to be throwing hay everywhere is a skill they have in abundance XD.
I've considered using carefresh or aspen bedding along with hay in their 1x2 loft, but I'm worried that it is too small. My 3 sows living in the 2x6 are still sorting out dominance issues to some extent. Has anyone had success with such a "hay loft" ?
Well with my old group in the large encampment or enclosure whatever It should be called. I attached a cages, gave it wool or sumthing I forget to make it soft and the bars not to be able to cause em discomfort then I put the piggies hay up there, In other words making them work for the hay :p it worked up until one of them worked out slipping the comforter off to bring all the hay away.
I've had the same problem. Cupcake will eat the hay in the rack, but would rather it be on the floor or in a bowl...which she will tip over. I have tried several different types of racks. I am hoping that when we add the loft, she will keep the hay contained to that. We'll see.
I velcroed plastic corner litter boxes to the corner of my cages and put my hay in those. They climb in sometimes and pull out hay to eat. I shake out the fleece and then use a brush to get the hay off before laundering.
I use a 1x2 loft for my two boars without issue. There's two hayracks, two foodbowls and two water bottles - the only thing they have to share if the big bowl of veggies. This works fine for them.
I found this at The Containervstore:
Like-it® Short Wide Bin White
13-3/8" x 18-1/4" x 5-1/8" h


The Container Store > Like-It® Modular Bins

I put two of these short ones in their c and c cage. I layer Carefresh in the bottom of the tray-like container. I then put hay in whatever "toy" I can find; cardboard tunnels, wire balls. The tray has a small lip in front, which helps to keep the Carefresh and hay out in the box and off of the fleece.

The Carefresh helps to absorb moisture in case any of my guys pee on their hay.
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