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Having to re-home in SC


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Jun 27, 2006
I have three girl piggies that we are having to re-home. My oldest son has asthma and even though we've had the girls for a while he's having a lot of problems recently that they have been a factor in. As much as I love my girls I can't risk my son's health and my husband has "put his foot down" about having to find them a new loving home.

Instead of posting the whole drawn out thing here I'll just ask you to do a search for a thread called "asthma woes" and you can read all the info on why it's come to this.

I'll put some pictures up here later on, I only have a short while to get this up as I have to head back up to the hospital in just a few minutes.

Cookie is 5 months old, a female, and when we got her we didn't know she was pregnant. She's definitely the alpha pig but has calmed down a lot more recently. She is a rusty red color with white markings and smooth hair.

French Fry is an abby, she's also 5 months old. She is white with cream markings around her eyes. She's the more shy of the two older girls, she loves to cuddle but is weary of people at first. Once you pick her up she's fine.

Biscuit is the baby, she was born on June 16th by surprise. She's a sweet little thing who LOVES to make noise. She's got her Mommy's red color and smooth hair but she also has a dark brown band on her bottom half and a small patch of brown on her face.

I'd really like to see them together but I definitely understand if that's just not possible. As long as they go to good homes where people will love them and care for them as we have, that's all I ask.

I live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and can drive several hours in any direction if I need to. My first priority is finding them a good home, even if it means a short road trip. I'm 7 months pregnant though so I can't go TOO far but a I could meet someone for a piggie train if needed.

There are some pictures of the girls on another thread "My First C&C cage (pictures)" if you want to take a look before I can post some pictures up here.

I'm afraid time is running out for my girls. My husband is threatening to take them to the local SPCA who really don't know how to care for them well and would adopt them to someone who might not know how much care they need too. If ANYONE has any ideas of where else I can post their info in hopes of finding them a new home I would really appreciate it.

I have this thread an then an add on the critter classifieds pages too, the link on the home page is how I found that. So far I've had no responses here or anywhere else. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Are you near Travelers Rest or Greenville? My aunt works at a vet office there, I can have her spread the word for anyone looking to adopt.
I'm in Mount Pleasant, SC about 3 miles from downtown Charleston. I'm willing to help with a piggie train if needed, it can be all day on a weekend or during school hours during the week. As long as they find a good home, that's my goal.

Thank you!!!!
I'll give her a call. Can I have an email adress or something to give her for any interested adopters?
I am in Columbia,SC if I can help out. I am pretty full but will do what I can.
The girls are getting settled in and having a couple of late night veggies.
I don't know if you posted a picture of them,but if you have one handy it would be nice if you wanted to attach it here and also send me a copy so I can put it on Petfinder.
Also I need to find out where you got the Alfalfa cubes from. I shared some with the pregnant pigs and the babies and they went wild for them. I have never had a pig that even tasted them.
I'll email your petfinder email address with a few pictures for you to put up. I got the alfalfa cubes at Wal Mart, they are just Kaytee Alfalfa cubes, it's easier to give them those than loose alfalfa and the timothy hay. I just used the Timothy hay and then gave them the alfalfa cubes.
Do you still have the piggies?
No they were adopted on Thursday but I have plenty of pigs at the rescue. Check out (broken link removed) and you will see plenty of pigs.
I didn't want to start a new thread about the girls but I am saddened to say that they were returned today after 2 short weeks at their new home. Seems the woman is very allergic to pet dander and while she knew she was some what allergic she didn't know it would be so bad. They were treated great but alis they are back up for adoption looking for a forever home.
Oh no, those poor piggies. They've had to leave not just one but two homes now because of allergies. How terrible. But at least they came back to you and we know you'll find them great homes...again. How are they doing? It's been a traumatic month for them hasn't it. Leaving my home, then being with you, then being adopted, then being returned again. I'm sure they are quite stressed. Please keep me updated. I hope they find a permanent home in a short time...and that they still stay together.
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