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Nutrition Has anyone ever tried this?

The one for guinea pigs doesn't seem too bad, but I'd probably use it sparingly. Grains in general aren't recommended for guinea pigs, so I'd pass on the oats.
That actually looks nice. Not like the crap they sell in the petstores.

It's like, dehydrated fruits.
The oats were sent as a sample, so I will try donating them to my local humane society. I will hang on to the vitamin c mixture and see if my piggies like a little of it. Thanks for your help!
Anydue,:)❤️ thanks for sharing those links and asking if they are good to use as a special "treat" once in awhile ! I am going to order the first one ( the rose hips, hibiscus, and hawthorn berries one) I LOVE that they are organic too ! Thank you so much, I am so excited to give something different to my girls as a delicious healthy treat !!!
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