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Harrys Mommy


Cavy Slave
Feb 21, 2004
Does Anyone Have A Guinea Pig Who Has Discharge [not White] In Their Eye All The Time.....allergies????

Sometimes my gps have small yellow dscharge in their eyes.
Running Eyes

What Have You Done About It? My Gps Runs Alot And Gets Crusty

Their eyes starts to get crusty? It could be fungus. Try this site, (broken link removed)
Here's the link again as you it says cim instead of com! https://www.guinealynx.com/

Have a read there, but if your guinea pig has a constant discharge or crustiness in its eye then you need to see a vet to establish the cause and pursue treatment. It could be something is wrong with the eye or tear duct, or that it's a symptom of something else like an upper respiratory infection and you need to have it attended to.
Sorry! Thanks Treen. :)
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