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Hamster food.


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Mar 13, 2005
I know this might not be the best place to ask, but I've been thinking about getting a pair of dwarf hamsters and was wondering about what to feed them. Would the Mazuri brand of hamster food be any good? No peas or bits of corn in it.
I heard Mazuri is OK for guinea pigs, but not sure for hamsters. Probably is...

Wait, can't hamsters have like seeds and corn and stuff? :\
The Mazuri should be fine but you'd probably want to get them a seed mix as well. With dwarf hamsters though, you want to pick out things like peas and corn and anything sugary, because they're pretty prone to diabetes.

Hmm...a good seed mix would be SmallWorld Hamster Food, it's sugar free and doesn't have ethoxyquin in it. Just recommending it because I go to a few hamster forums and I don't think anyone has tried the Mazuri blocks, so I don't know if it's good or not.
So just to double check I would get Mazuri and suppliment it with Small World hamster food?
I do know they can have mixes, Candi would know the best brand. Their diet needs to be supplemented with fresh veggies a couple times a week (too much causes diahrea) and mealworms occasionally for protein.

I suggest a 20/30 gallon preferably tank for dwarf hamsters with a secure lid. A wheel is an absolute must. Toilet paper is the best nesting material (don't give them a cottony material- it can get stuck in the pouches), aspen or carefresh being the best bedding, and there are a lot of store bought accsessories to get.

First choice obvisily to get them would be a rescue or shelter, if you can't, then go to a good breeder. Dwarfs should live in same-sex pairs or more.
I keep looking on the Toronto Human Societies web site. They seem to only have syrians and my husband wants to build them a tube maze so a pair of dwarfs would work better. I was going to get a syrian but my husband specifically wanted that type.

I'm not quite happy with the THS anyway. After that mis-sexing fiasco and all.

I've been doing quite a bit of research, mostly on Hamsterific.com, but it just doesn't seem clear on what brands to feed them. I've heard alot about Harry/Hazel hamster brand, but I was hoping I could find something without peas and corn in the mix.

I also heard the tofu and eggs were good for protien. Would that be a good substitute if I can't find mealworms?
Yes, I believe cooked and cooled scrambled eggs would work.
I'll just have to cook my husband scrambled eggs then. I can't eat them. :(
The best food is deffinatly Harry/Hazel hamster food. Go to (broken link removed) . or (broken link removed)
They both have a lot of good info.
slap_maxwell said:
First choice obvisily to get them would be a rescue or shelter, if you can't, then go to a good breeder. Dwarfs should live in same-sex pairs or more.

Never thought I'd be hearing Slap say that! lol ^^ But I know why you did

About the wheels, make sure that the wheel is SOLID. They shouldn't have wheels with "hole" type things in them, because their little feet could get caught and could break a leg.
So what breed of ham - ham are you getting? :)
It's like with guinea pigs. If you absolutley Can't find a shelter or rescue, as a last resort you can find a good reputable and responsible breeder to buy from. But expectations with GP breeders are sky high.
Sabriel, if you weren't so far away from Louisiana, I could have put you in touch with a humane society there that recently received 15 dwarf hamsters. A lady I know there contacted me about them in hopes that I was visiting home soon and could take a few. For that area, it's rare to have hamsters in a shelter. Rarely do they get guinea pigs, hamsters, or the like. So I was pretty surprised to hear they had them.

You mentioned a tube maze...

When I had my pair of dwarfs, they ADORED their tubes. They drove me insane at night because they'd stay in there all the time, scratching and chewing on random objects. What's worse, if I got up during the night, I'd always accidentally bump the cage somehow and everything would come crashing down. I don't think I miss that aspect of having a hamster. lol

One of those hamsters actually lived nearly four years. He only died a couple of months ago. I'd get another in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity again.
A guinea pig food I used to use was Kaytee something something.
Dwarf hamsters are social (NOT Chinese dwarfs!), so they make better pets than Syrians. Syrians are very solitary, so they're more prone to biting and being grumpy with you. Dwarfs are also just... cute. I like Russian dwarfs the most, personally, and then the black Russians. ^.^ Theyr'e just so darn cute.
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