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Hammock Question


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Feb 4, 2004
Hey yall!
I finally got the chance to make a hammock for the pigs. But I've been having a few problems. First of all, its not really that big! My biggest pig barely fits! Should the materiel be a bigger peice( if so, what should the measurements be)? Another problem is that i dont know how many corners of the materiel should be tide to the cage( for ex.: should it be hanging from the top of the cage as well?) And another thing, when i hang all the corners, it ends up in a triangular shape so the front of the hammock just flops down and touches the ground, leaving not much space for the pigs.
so, can anyone please help?? My pigs and I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks again!
The measurements of your hammock depends on the size of your biggest pigs. Put a grid on top of where your hammock is gonna be so you can tie the fourth one up there. Since the hammock is gonna be big, I don't think your pig will have a hard time going there.

I've seen one who used a pot holder for her hammock. But I bet its gonna be small for your pig.

Try searching in the photo gallery for hammocks.
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