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Bonding Half A Year, Still Scared?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hey everyone!

Just some background, I got 2 Piggies after Christmas and they were both scared. Well, back in March I began to really hold them and interact with them, and the dominant Pig Lil' Babe has really come around. Big Sis', the other Pig, non-dominant, is exactly the opposite.

She had Mites, and I was holding her without knowing, so she is probably scared because of that. But I treated 2 times over the last 2 weeks, and most likely will be doing it again to make sure. But I wanted to make sure that that is why she is so scared? I never held her as much as I do Lil' Babe.

So my questions:

1: If there isn't anything further wrong with her, and her Mites are gone, AND I handle her daily, will she come around as well as Lil' Babe has?

2: A lot of people have a Pig that doesn't like to be held-- Could this be the case with Big Sis'?

3: I was clipping Big Sis' hair yesterday, as she is an Abby, and she HATED it! Not like she was in pain, but wanted to get away. I hope she isn't in pain, and I doubt she is, but still.... I felt so bad that she wanted to get away but I had to keep readjusting her and plopping her back in my lap. So, how often does hair clipping need to be done, and how far should I cut down on her hair? What key areas should I look for?


Thanks everyone! I appreciate it!
The key to a pig's heart is it's stomach! Silly, but It's true. Try hand feeding her and maybe just watch some TV while she is on your lap and give her some veggies so she feels more comfortable. Yes, it could be just that she doesn't like to be held, in which you may not be able to make much progress soon but never give up! Any pig can be converted! Don't worry about the nail clipping scene, most pigs don't like getting their nails clipped. As for the hair cut, it will depend on the breed of the pig. You shouldn't cut his fur if it isn't a problem with his everyday doings. It's really only necessary if he's getting clumps in the back from using the restroom..or if It's getting too hot. It should only be a trim though, but you can go a bit higher in the back near his rear end. Hope I helped a bit. :)
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