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Grooming Hair Cut?


Cavy Slave
Feb 24, 2012
I have a long haired pig. I normally trim his hair but he is always wet and gets mats. He is always getting URI's and his hair being wet isn't going to help against that. I used to bathe him, but not since the weather has gotten cold.

Any tips on cutting his hair? Can I cut is short without it hurting or effecting him?

His hair is about 5-6 inches long.
I shave my long haired pigs with an electric hair trimmer. One of my pigs acts like trimming hair with scissors is torture; the trimmer was a life saver. Just make sure to keep little piggy parts away from the blades!

I too took my electric trimmers to Autumn. When I got her she was full of matts and wouldn't stand for me using scissors either. Plus some of her matts were so close to her skin that I was scared I would hurt her. But the electric trimmers just cut through it all and went fast too. Autumn just laid there while I cut her hair. No screaming or wiggling. She was perfect!! This is how I will do her hair from now on too.
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