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Other Hacking Dog with No Puke


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Feb 11, 2012
My dog started hacking, like he was going to throw up, yesterday.
I figured it was something in his throat and he would get it.
It is still going on. He'll drink water and still be hacking.
The only thing to come up was white mucus and that was only twice.

I'm worried about his throat getting too dry or whatever is in his throat is hurting him.

Any advice on what I can try at home?
Money is tight right now, and the vet is only for emergencies.:weepy:
I own two dogs. Neither of them have done that.

It might be Kennle Coff

I'd call a vet
I have two dogs, and they will sometimes do that after heavy exercise. However, once they have a drink of water they stop.
It could be kennel cough. Do you get your dog vaccinated? Could something be caught in his throat? Like, have you given him anything like a bone where fragments could get caught? If it persists I would take him to see a vet.
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I'm going to ask my mom when she gets home if he got vaccinated. He got shots when he went but I dont know of what.
He hasn't been in a kennel though.
He plays outside alot and I read that it might be allergies so I gave him a benadril (knowing the dose). If it doesn't stop it I'm taking him to the vet.
Dogs can contract the virus or bacteria that causes kennel cough from any contaminated surface. Not just from kennels.
I know this is way late, but if that ever starts again, or they cough up any blood, seem lethargic at all, get them to the vet RIGHT AWAY. It IS an EMERGENCY. We almost lost our black lab to mouse poison that wasn't placed correctly, and then lost a cat to a neighbor's. The poison makes them bleed out from the inside by destroying the clotting factor in their blood. They'll probably look swollen in some areas but not always, eyes could become bloodshot. But the most common is that kind of coughing up blood.
what it sounds like to me is a strained mussle in the throat. i forget what its called exactly but my old dog kindra go it from time to time. take him to the vet though because theyll be abile to help. if you dont get it fixed, in extram cases the dog can die... plus it gets annoying in the middle of the night when your trying to sleep and ever min you hear a dog caoughing. I remaber my vet telling me that it happens to some dogs the use there vociles alot.. kindra did alot of growling and barking XD and once it happends its likly to happen again.
My dog has a very sensitive stomach and gets hacking like that when he gets into the things that he is allergic to. It boils down to how long you have had the dog. If he's been around for a long time and this isn't normal for him, you should be very worried and at least call the vet to see what they recommend. If this is a new dog, or if you recently changed foods, or if he got into the trash, it could just be something that will go away on its own. Good luck!
Just realized how old this post is, sorry, I'm an idiot. I hope your dog was ok.
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