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Lethargy Gunner slept all day and he's being a bit... off.


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Nov 29, 2011
So I have two males, Gunner and Tank. They live together happily, love running around and being loud. I'm not really sure anything is seriously wrong, but it's keeping me from going to sleep so i thought i'd post.

Today, I cleaned out their cage, new fleece, towels, cleaned the dishes, all the good stuff. Around 2pm, I noticed that Gunner (about 7 months old) was just sort of plopped down in the feeding area sleeping. He was being adorable so i let him go. Dinner time came and went with only Tank making the normal "feed me" noise. Gunner got up and watched me prepare it, but didn't make a peep.

He ate normally all day, but he was lying down and eating and then he just fell asleep right next to the food bowl. Didn't get up to pee elsewhere and was just lying in his urine and poop. He doesn't normally do that. He's got a "gunner hole" on the top floor where he usually goes. When I come over, he picks his head up and nibbles my finger like he always does when I pet him and he still runs when he thinks i'm trying to pick him up, but the sleeping is worrisome. I haven't changed their diet except to add in these orange slice treats because i didn't think they were getting enough Vit. C. Tank is fine, still hates my guts for giving him a bath (he rolls in poo.), but my G-man is scaring me a little. He's gotta get a bath tomorrow for lying around in his yucky, but he doesn't mind baths. Ok he minds a little, but they both just roll in dooky. I can clean the whole cage and they'll both find ONE piece that missed and plop on it.

Aside from the tangent, anything sound wrong or are guinea pigs allowed to have "lazy days"?
Gunner is sick, and needs to see a vet ASAP. Guinea pigs are prey animals, and as such, they hide illnesses, sometimes to the point of collapse. Sometimes the only sign an owner has is that the pig just seems "off," and a vet visit reveals a significant illness.

If he's not eating at all, he needs to be hand fed. See www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for more information on how to do it. Guinea pigs can die from a little as twelve hours without food. You also need to know whether he's peeing and pooping or not - those are important clues about what is wrong with him.

You also need to weigh him daily to see how fast he's losing weight -- you need a scale that weighs in ounces and grams.

You need to find an exotic vet near you, like now. If you have trouble finding one, post the name of the city closest to you, and we'll help find one.
I agree. He needs a vet asap.
As said by others, I would get to a vet. My guinea pig was seeming "off" and lazy and despite no other symptoms (weight was fine, clean eyes and nose), she was diagnosed with pneumonia, which is a serious and life-threatening condition for guinea pigs. Better to get him checked out now.
His vet is very knowledgeable and i made an appointment with her this afternoon. She is at a conference downtown and the other vet who "sees" guinea pigs is an idiot. We'll be leaving in about an hour.

He seems fine today. Eating normal, bouncing around, wheeking. I'm taking him anyhoo. Better safe than dead.
I'm glad to hear that your getting him looked at. Let us know how he is.
Gunner is perfectly fine. She said he had a tiny bit of gas which is probably why he was lying around looking pitiful yesterday. I'm just supposed to watch him and give him this simethi-something tonight just to be sure.

And she clipped his nails. He's got a piece of celery and is chirping my lap. Tank is rolling in poop *facepalm* Bath tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for your advice. Gunner says *hi*
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I'm so glad you took him in. Gas can turn deadly pretty quickly with pigs. It must be simethicone that you are to give him--did she give you some, or are you going to pick it up yourself?
Out of curiosity what is the dosage for a pig?
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