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Cage guinea pigs outdoors all yr


New Member
Cavy Slave
May 5, 2012
Hay guys

Im new to this forum and would just like to know if i can keep guinea pigs outside all yr, i live in australia sydney
I have a large aviary thats empty its closed off 3 sides aswell as the roof with sheet metal (colourbond) i have wire on the ground which has grass over it, the bottom of the cage at the front is covered 1 metre up which would help with wind ,
I want to put a completely closed off box in there for them to hide in
The cage always has more shade then sun in it, and id just like to know if itll work out, the hide box will be closed off completly for if they get cold ect they will be given as much attention as possibly , just my mum doesnt want them inside shed prefer them outside

Thanks for any help given
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