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Guinea pigs in KSA


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jul 6, 2024
I can't find guinea pigs anywhere here! Can anyone help find piggies in ksa? I've already made 2 other threads 😣
You can keep all of your questions related to one topic in one thread. Are there any rescues within a radius you can drive to? You really want to avoid a pet store no matter how much you might be tempted to. Buying instead of adopting can end you up with a sickly guinea pig (which will get expensive) and will just promote the breeding for more. You could wait for a shelter to have a pair or find a pair that needs to be rehomed where you live.
I'm honestly not sure about getting pigs in the Kingdom. I do not know if we have any other members from that area of the world, hopefully we do and can find you an answer.

On that note, I completely agree with rescuing. We would much prefer people rescue pigs, rather than purchase or breed.
Are there veterinarians in your area? They may know of animal rescues. Here in the US the veterinarians usually donate time to work with rescues. If the same is true in KSA, that may be a way to find a rescue.

Also, have you checked on Facebook for rescues? There is a Paws and Claws that looks to be dogs and cats, but again, they may know of other rescues.