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Hay Guinea Pig's Hay: KMS Question


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Dec 18, 2011
So, it has come time that I am out of my 2 1 pound bags of hay.....

I was using KayTee, and from my own experience now (and comments from others) the hay isn't very well taken care of at all times, as it is all crumby right now and I still have 1/4 of a bag left...... Grrr.....

So, I want to get some KMS Hay. However, I want to get ANY of the hay sizes, (the largest possible) but my dad isn't too hyped about getting the Hay from online. He wants to buy from a store.

Now, I know what he is worried about:

Shipping is nearly the same price/double the unit price for any of the amounts. I don't really care, neither should he. I mean 5 pounds of hay for 9 bucks isn't a bad deal AT ALL.

And, he thinks that if I get 5 pounds (KMS' SMALLEST SIZE!) that it will take SOOO LOOONG for it to all get used, that it will begin to lose it's quality.


My questions for you:

I am pretty sure he shouldn't be worrying about shipping. The price is still good for the quantity. No questions here, except maybe a good saying to convince him the shipping isn't bad?

I don't really even know this, but how long DOES hay usually last? I think it's silly that he is worried about this: I had the 2 bags of hay sitting around since DECEMBER, and while the quality was crummy, it stilled SMELLED and LOOKED fresh as far as the naked eye can see.

How much hay should I get for my 2 piggies?

Is the quality REALLY GOOD? Even right now, at this time of the year?

What cut should I get? What's the best, least crumbly/crummy?


Thanks all! Any opinions/answers/etc.. are welcome here!


I have 2 piggies and after 3 months, the 25 lb box of 3rd cut timothy hay ordered from KMS is a little more than halfway gone. So, I would estimate 4-5 lbs per month for two pigs, if they are being fed unlimited hay.

I think I have read somewhere that hay can stay good for many months and even up to a year as long as it is stored properly. That means keeping it in a dry, ventilated place that is out of direct sunlight. You can even keep it in the cardboard box that it comes in (after taking it out of the plastic bag) as long as you poke lots of holes in the box so that the hay can "breath." If the shipping is the proportionately the same no matter what quantity you order, you should probably stick with ordering a 5-9 lb box as opposed to something much larger like a 25 or 45 lb one. Even though it is possible to store one of the bigger boxes until it gets used up, I have a feeling that your dad would not be happy with huge box of hay sitting in the living room! Also, I would consider ordering the 9 lb box instead of the 5 lb box, because then you could reorder every 2 months as opposed to having to do it every month.

As for the quality of KMS hay, I got the 3rd cut timothy hay in the fall. I don't have anything to compare it to (I got the hay before I got my guinea pigs!) but I would say that it is pretty good. To be honest, it had more brown pieces and was a bit more crumbly than I expected but again, I don't have anything to compare it to. Also, other people have mentioned that this year was a bad year for hay in general, so I think you might find that to be the case no matter where you get your hay. You might want to consider ordering KMS's bluegrass instead of timothy, as I have heard that it is much less crumbly and also much better for allergy sufferers. I didn't realize that bluegrass could take the place of timothy hay, but that is what I'm ordering next time!

Here are some links to read more about proper hay storage:

I just recieved an order of 25 pounds of KMS bluegrass and its great even this time of the year. Its long soft and smells amazing and my pigs start wheeking like crazy as soon as I take the lid off of the tub and they can smell it. They're pellets are just as amazing I have bought both the alfalfa and timothy as I have pregnant pigs right now. Its the best out there IMO.
Tell your father that hay is harvested in the summer and fall, so anything you buy this time of year isn't considered "fresh."

Tell him also that the hay he buys in pet stores will cost him nearly $4 a pound, and KM, even with shipping, will be about $1.50 per pound. There are online pet stores even closer to you than KM -- take a look at (broken link removed). The quality isn't as good as KM, but it's way better than what you get in a pet store. Also, pet store hay is likely to be much older than that harvested last fall, because it gets packed in small amounts and stored in some pet stores warehouse somewhere before it's distributed to the stores. KM pretty much mows it down and ships it to you.

My two pigs eat about 5 pounds of hay a month. I don't put it in the bottom of their cage for them to play in, as that would use even more.

Hay keeps for years if stored properly -- some air circulation, dry place, etc.
Hmmm....apparently I go through a lot more hay. My piggies love to tunnel in it and sleep in it, so I am always trading it out for new in their cage, giving them a few handfuls of fresh hay once or twice a day. I order through Sweet Meadow because their shipping is less for me where I live, and I have personally gotten comparable to KMS. I order a 35 lb box every few months. With ample supply on hand, I feel free to use as much for them as I want.

Hay should be a primary source in their diets, so having a good quality hay is extremely important. And you'll enjoy how much happier they will be. Ordering from KMS or from Sweet Meadow will give you a high quality product, so much better and cost effective than the small pet store bags.
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