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Guinea Pigs From Pet Finder or People???


Cavy Calm
Cavy Gazer
Mar 30, 2009
Okay, so. I know i am going to adopt my future female guinea pigs! So, i was looking at pet finder and a thought came to me. "What if the person is selling their piggies, because they are sick, and don't want to tell you! How do you know the guinea pigs your buying are not sick? I know take them to a vet, but thats just more money you shouldn't have to waste!! Help?

lol AllysGuineas lol
Petfinder is for rescues and shelters, so that is very unlikely.
Pigs on petfinder are typically from reputable rescues and shelters that adopt out healthy animals. The chance of getting a sick animal from a pet store is much higher. You should still educate yourself about what signs of illness to look for, but in general you are very likely to get a healthy pig from adopting off of petfinder.
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