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Diet Guinea Pigs eat grass


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Jan 3, 2012
My Guinea Pigs have a cage built exactly like a C&C cage big too. my dad built it so my guinea pig can go on the grass to eat the grass. for the past 4 days they have been on the grass eating grass and i have the water bottle and they havent drunk anything in last 4 days its still full why arent they drinking is because of the grass should i give them some guinea pig mix please help
Are your pigs getting fresh veggies as well? Have you provided hay?

As for the drinking water, some just dont drink as much as others. They will drink when they are thirsty.
they get 2 carrots every day i live in australia and the only hay i can get my hands on is Lucien hay i can get grassy hay but it still contains lucien hay which is really bad. and they stay on the grass every day which is the same as grassy hay. when they were on guinea pig mix and veggies i had to fill the water every 2 days now i havent filled since monday today is saturday
Hay is the #1 part of their diet. You can try some feed stores or even any local farms around you to find some. If not, grass will work until you can get some hay.

Pigs need to have a daily diet of vegetables (not just carrots). They need 1 cup of a variety of veggies every day. I give a half cup in the morning and half cup in the evening. The veggies need to include lettuce (not iceberg), in addition to things like green peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, etc.

As for the water, they should be getting fresh water daily. Filling it only when it runs out leaves them at risk for bacteria that can form in the bottles.
i live in australia and where i live no stores have grassy hay i told u that and the only hay people can get there hands on is Lucien hay which is bad for them i tried order them but when it got here it was molding
It's likely you can order some online. Amazon sells it. It's very important for their digestion and for wearing down their teeth.

Aside from the hay, I would change the water daily, even if it doesn't look like the water level is going down.

Also, provide fresh veggies every day. The veggies is where they will give most of their vitamins and nutrients.
Im sorry but you dont understand me no one every does i am going get professional help not from here
Im sorry but you dont understand me no one every does i am going get professional help not from here
As for your questions, pigs tend to drink less when they eat more watery vegetables. Carrots and live grass both tend to be pretty wet. If the bottle literally hasn't been touched at all in four days, however, it may be cause for concern.

As @CavyMama so politely and helpfully pointed out to you, hay is by far the most important staple of a guinea pig diet. Not an optional food or treat. You need to get good timothy or orchard grass hay for them somehow, and she was kind enough to try and help you find some. You ordered it online once and it came moldy..well, there's likely more than one place on Amazon, much less the entire internet, that sells hay. From a 10-second search on Amazon, I saw at least 4 different sellers of timothy hay on the first page of results.

Fresh vegetables are another important thing. Two carrots per day is an awful lot...are you talking about the little two-inch baby carrots, or full size ones? Either way, you're supposed to keep it to one small baby carrot per day at most. They need good leafy greens, ideally romaine or green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, and so on. Pellets are basically dietary supplements, not a main food. They shouldn't need more than an eighth of a cup of those per day.
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Chikochikka, I am sorry you feel as if no one understands you. This website really does offer the very best for the care and life of your guinea pig. It sounds like you and your father took great care to give him a good cage with the access to the grass.

Fresh grass is ok for your pig to eat as long as there is no sprays of chemicals or pestisides. Hay is made from dried grass. If you are able to get in the future some good dried grass , like timothy or meadow grass, it would be a good supplement.
Water can be sprinkled on the grass if you think your pig is not getting enough water.

Your piggie does need more of a variety of fresh veggies. Red or green peppers. cilantro, letteces, even some fresh herbs. In the nutrition section is a great list of what they can have and how often.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We really are here for you and your piggie!
(broken link removed), Great to see another Aussie on here.

Grass can be fed daily, but the pigs should also have access to a good quality hay as well. I buy mine online (as it's been a bad Hay Growing season in Victoria, it's not that great down here). I buy 5kg bags of Meadow Hay (a nice grassy hay) off ebay for $20. You can also find Oaten for the same price.

They do need a lot more variety in regards to vegetables. Dark Leafy Greens (Endive is good and not too expensive), along with Capsicum should be fed daily, then you rotate other vegetables through. Carrots are high in Vitamin A and Oxalic acid which, if fed large amounts over a long period of time may cause liver damage and stones/sludge. Best to limit Carrots to a once a week treat (and even then, a baby carrot per pig).
If not, grass will work until you can get some hay.
Grass can actually replace dry hay completely, provided you can grow and offer enough, which would be a very large amount. Grass is actually better for them than dried hay, as it's fresh - it's just not a reasonable possibility for most folks. I live on 6 acres, but with four rabbits and four guinea pigs, I still don't think I'd be able to offer enough freshly cut grass.

I'm assuming that your pigs don't have a huge area to graze, and for that reason I'd still recommend offering hay daily, too, but I did want to clarify that grass absolutely can replace hay in a situation where good quality hay isn't available, provided one has access to enough of it.
hey guys i have 2 guinea pigs i live in town and the grass is 5 inches tall and thick its probably a 50m all around the yard maybe bigger then out of town at my dads we have 80 acres but in the house yard it 2 acres which the 2 guinea pigs stay on. we have at least 7 hay supplies around my dads place but they all supply horse feed and cow feed as big meat industry down here and dairy. thank about the carrots they are really big ones as there is a lot of produce farms around here to. at my dads we have a bucket called pigges and all none used veggies go in and at mums she gets me what ever i need for my guinea pigs
I got capsin carrots brocily and i have got tomatoes is that i need and some other thing i dont have the name of
I would avoid broccoli as it can cause gas. 1 baby carrot/pig daily is enough for pigs. If you have full size carrots, you can cut them into about 2-3 inch pieces.
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