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Guinea pig with tumor


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Jan 20, 2012
Hi Everyone! I am a new comer at this site. I have four cute piggies. My big heartache is that one of them(Charlotte) has a tumor and is scheduled to have a surgery tomorrow. I am so torn.Charlotte is acting healthy,eating well and being herself despite her huge tumor on her stomach which has been bleeding on and off.Surgery is risky,she can die.The same time, her tumor is growing fast and bleeding. I am hoping to hear from any of you who had similar issues.:weepy:
Welcome to the site. I'm so sorry to hear about Charlotte, and will be hoping you'll have good news after the surgery. Do keep us posted on how she's doing.
aww.. I have a girl that has a lump under her arm and we are not sure yet what it is. I haven't been able to get her into vet but she acts fine, eats like the piggie she is, and is active, alert, and healthy! So I am kinda scared as well to find out and have it be something bad. I will be taking her in within the next week though as I just found a vet close by me that can take care of her.. Good luck to you and am sending pozzie vibes your way!
Thank you for answering my post.I am glad that you are taking you piggy to the vet. Charlotte has two lumps.One was growing on her side and the vet was able to reduce it,and it hasn't grown since.Her other tumor on her belly seems more aggresive.We'll see what happens tomorrow.I am still thinking what would be the best.I have been reading up about surgeries on guinea pigs...I will let you know...
One of my sponsored seniors had a large stomach mass removed when he came into the rescue. It wasn't biopsied due to the added cost but it has not returned. He's happy and active. Good luck... thoughts and prayers coming your way..
I am having a hard time with this whole experience in trying to save my piggy.I feel like I am doing my best and seeing her suffering breaks my heart.Charotte survived a tumor removal.She perked up well but then she started to bother her stiches.She is wearing a cone collar right now which she hates! It seems like cutting into her throat.Today she developed runny nose ....She just lying around and seems like gaging...I want to rip that stupid cone off but then she bothers her stiches.No win situation.Is anyone out there whose piggy had a cone collar? What do you do with a piggy who has runny nose????
Some people have made collars out of interfacing that the pigs seem to object to less than the plastic ones. Here's a page with some links with information about them.
I can't see the links,would you mind to send them again.I am a sewer,I would do anything to get that plastic thing off her head....
Thank you for the links.The interfacing collar looks awesome on the picture. I have everything to make it.Except I worry that my super stubborn piggy would take it off in an instant.This is Charlotte by the way.I adopted her one and half year ago. Guinea pig with tumor
Thank you,thank you for the soft collar link.Last night,I was too tired to do anything so I left the plastic thing on.This morning,I was so disturbed to see the plastic collar on her which clearly cutting in her throat. So my family and I took the plastic thing apart...oh boy..it took all four of us to free my piggy then i used the plastic template to make the soft one. Charlotte was sooooo happy to get free from the plastic.She was running around but then...she started to pick her stiches...so I made a soft collar..well,guess what,her nose running stopped,the crustyness diasppered within minutes from her nose:)) I have a new hope,I am excited for my piggy.She was so cute when i put the soft collar on,she let me do it...I knew I was doing the right thing.So I was going to make a template,scan it in and sent it to the moderator. Guinea pig with tumor
awww I bet she feel much better!! My pup had to get staples once and had to wear one of those plastic ones. They are awful!!
I'm glad that she is feeling better! The collar makes her look like she is from Little House on the Prairie! Adorable!
I'm sending lots of love so she heals quickly. :love:
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