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Behavior Guinea pig suddenly acting out. Why?


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Aug 20, 2018
Aug 20, 2018
My guinea pig, Misha, was given as a gift and has been an only cavy his entire life with me. He gets along with my cat when they decide to interact and he gets lots of floor time. I've taught him to come when his name is called, spin, and briefly stand for his treats/ some veggies. His cage only permits room for him though I've deeply been considering getting a much larger cage as well as a companion. Misha will be close to three years old as of this christmas (12/25/2018) and because of his age, I've been hesitant to get him a friend.

Anyways, he has always been a nervous cavy but still very docile. I have never had problems with him biting me and he loves getting pets from me. He will run from new people and start rublestrutting if they continue to pester him, but still, no biting. My grandmother was due to drive here 4 days ago so I cleaned his cage beforehand and gave him a bath. With the help of another, I was able to wash him with soap and get him much cleaner than usual. His typical bath is usually rinsed and scrubbed a bit but he hates water so it's usually cut short. After this bath, I discovered that under his chin was crusty and looked red. This hadn't seemed to irritate him in the slightest though.

I regularly clip his nails and items are always available for him to chew to keep his teeth short. His pellets contain nothing extra and are placed in a ceramic sloped bowl. The past few months I have had problems with his water bottle leaking, but we have fixed that problem. Since I discovered his chin problem, I've played his pellets in a terracotta water catcher for flower pots so it does not rub his chin and use a q-tip to rub triple antibiotic ointment on the red area, which he doesn't show any signs of stress to. This has seemed to help but now he continues to throw his ceramic bowl of extra pellets around and throw his terracotta food bowl, making a complete and utter mess. I'm not sure what has triggered this behavior or how to fix it. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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