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Videos Guinea pig shaking? heart beat? Video


Cavy Slave
Jan 6, 2012
Two days ago I noticed that Pygsy started "moving" or should I say shaking while she's standing in place. Her whole body is "moving" left to right and it's completely new for me so i don't know what's happening. In this video you can see that she's "moving" side to side when she freezes/look straight to the camera. Her whole body is doing that when I look at her from other positions. Kinda makes me think it's a heart beat that makes her move like that but I doubt. I'm not sure if that "moving-shaking" has to do something with not eating veggies, but she's not eating veggies yet. If this is something serious, i can not afford vet at the moment :/ You can also hear her coughing in the video hehe :p Anyone familiar/expiriencing with this?

Pygsy - YouTube
I would be thankful if someone can tell me something about this. If it's normal or what that "shaking" means. As for now, i'm planning to return her back. Tomorrow is the last of return policy, so if don't know what's going on i'll have to return her :/
I would be thankful if someone can tell me something about this. If it's normal or what that "shaking" means. As for now, i'm planning to return her back. Tomorrow is the last of return policy, so if don't know what's going on i'll have to return her :/

Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you.
I am not sure where you bought her, but could you take her to a vet before you returned her to the store?
Sorry, I can't help but hopefully somebody will be along soon that knows. Could she just be nervous?
Tomorrow is the last of return policy, so if don't know what's going on i'll have to return her :/

If you're planning on "returning" her, did you get her from a pet store like PETCO? A lot of people don't know this, but if something is wrong with [any] animal and it is still in the returnable days, PETCO at least will take her back and take her to the vet free of charge for you and give her back to you after she has gone through treatment and gotten better. I hope you at least ask what kind of policy, if any, they have like that. =/
Your pig may be seriously ill -- that shaking may be the start of a neurological problem, or an inner ear problem. She needs to see an exotic vet as quickly as possible.

If you take her back to the pet store where you got her, be aware that they may just offer you a new pig. In that case, Pigsy will just be killed, not treated. The only hope you have for her getting adequate treatment for her is if you take her to the vet and and then try to get the pet store to reimburse you for her care.

You've learned the hard way that pet store pigs are often ill. They're also frequently missexed -- you can read the rash of recent threads here where guaranteed "male" pigs have had litters a few weeks after coming home from a pet store. If you decide to get another pig, please adopt one from a shelter or a rescue -- pet store pigs are bred and kept in absolutely horrible conditions, and by buying one of them, you just perpetuate that cycle.

But, please do not get another one until you can afford vet care for it. Responsible pet ownership requires that you care for your pigs, whether sick or well. Getting an animal and then letting it suffer when it's ill because you don't have the money for a vet is inhumane.
im in agreement with bpatters
i got my first two pigs from a petstore (both are ok now) but my first girl dino had a hole in her throat and mites, vet bills were very high and i had to pay for it me being 13 at the time had no job, great.
next terrible experience was from a breeder who assured me a female, now both my sows are on pregnency watch.
then my rescue howey is fine! :)
@jowasaurus I bought her at Petsmart.. I'm not sure if they had policy like that, but i doubt it since most of people rate petsmart as horrible place to get a guinea pig.

@(broken link removed) I got her less then two weeks ago, and I didn't except her to get 'sick' this quick. I can afford vet but not at the moment.. I'm very sad thinking about taking her back, but i'll have to do that. Unless vet visit isn't going to be much cost.. I'll check that today.
I'm sorry you've had this experience, but pet stores pigs are more often sick than not. If you're interested in why, read PetSmart Cruelty.

And if you decide to get another pet, it's a very wise thing to have money for vet visits saved up before you get the animal. With most pets, the question is not "will they have to go to the vet," but "when will they have to go to the vet." There's no two-week window of guarantee that your pet will be healthy. Not even a two-day one, if it comes to that.

Just be aware that if you surrender her back to the store and take a replacement, it likely came from the same conditions that Pygsy did, and may be not one whit more healthy than she is. And you're also probably turning Pygsy in for a not-so-humane death -- they call them "hammer heads."

If you hang in there with Petsmart, and say you want to keep her, they may treat her and give her back to you. Just be aware that Petsmart vets are not exotic vets, and know almost nothing about guinea pig care. If you care about this pig, you'll find a way to take her to an exotic vet that knows how to treat cavies.
I used to work at petsmart and, at least the the location I worked at, what you are saying isn't true bpatters. I'm sure there ARE locations that are that bad, but I know they are supposed to do a few things for a pig like this.

They don't, in my experience, kill them with a hammer. It may happen some places, but to say every pet store does that just isn't true or fair to the employees who really do care and are trying their best. Believe me, those employees do exist and they are working their hardest to care for the animals to the best of their abilities. I was one of them.

dwaynelicious, if you take her to petsmart and show them she is ill they are supposed to take her to the vet and treat her. They do try to take them to small animal savy vets, but they can't always do that. Then, if she gets better, you can get her back. If she doesn't improve they are supposed to offer you her back, but with the understanding that they can't fix the issue, or you can get a new pig and yours would be adopted out (given for free) to someone who could care for it.

I got quite a few pets that way while I worked at petsmart. I think everyone I worked with took home at least 1 pet of some sort. If no staffers can take them then friends, or family members, or regular customers sometimes get the chance.

The specialty (pet stuff) manager where I worked did her very best to care for all the pets. She did give the pigs veggies and hay, and made sure they were all getting along. She also sexed each one when we got them so there were never any accidental pregnancies at our store, in 3 years. She took a budgie in and got it's leg amputated because it had fallen and broken it, then she took it home to live with her other rescued budgies.
See, some of us care.

dwaynelicious, if you can't care for this pig, which really does need to see a vet, and you don't want to return it to the store then I would suggest surrendering it to a guinea pig rescue. They will know the right vet to take her to, and will make sure she's healthy before they find her a great forever home.

Either way I agree that you should have a vet fund saved up before you choose to get another pet. Do your research first, it saves you heartache in the long run.
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Thank you guys. I'll go to the pet smart and ask if they can her to the vet. If not, i'll take her to rescue :( And i'll adopt a new one. Will see what happens.
I really think you need to understand what Bpatters had said earlier to you. You should be saving your money for future vet visits BEFORE you decide to adopt a guinea pig. Your guinea pig should not be thought of as an animal that when "broken" can then be replaced by one that isn't. These creatures are not toys and whether you adopt, buy, etc. you are responsible for the health and well being of that animal. There have been many times I have sacrificed in order to take my pigs to the vet when they are ill.

Librarychick, I am sure there are employees that work at pet stores that have good hearts and love animals, but when it comes down to it, these animals are from mills and breeders. They are taking away the chance of guinea pigs that already exist to find homes. Maybe not in your particular store, but in many I have seen sick animals, animals without proper housing, food, etc. I recently mentioned to a pet store employee that their guinea pigs should have hay in their cage at all times and he laughed and replied "Well aren't you a trip!"

Anyways, I hope that you find a way to take your guinea pig to a vet that will really be able to help him and he can have a happy life.
I also used to work at PetSmart and I have never seen any form of cruelty like that. I know that my manager, my Pet Care Associates, and especially myself, tried our hardest to do good for the little guys. When they ran out of anything, like hay, I gave them more right away. We made sure they got attention, that they had a clean habitat (cleaned daily), and they always had hay. I read every guinea pig book we had in the store, and most of the fish and reptile books, too, so that I could make sure I was taking care of them.
It really grinds me when people start shit talking PetSmart as a whole because, while I know there are some people who don't take a job like that seriously and don't try, there are many of us who DO care, and I feel personally attacked when people talk like that.

PetSmart has a vet they go to that any sick animal sees within a day or two of showing signs of sickness. They are not immediately killed, as someone said, and many times fully recover.

Take it back to PetSmart, tell them you don't a sick guinea pig, so if they could take it to the vet and then call you when the piggie comes back, they should do that.
I would either give it up or get your own vet involved. This pig needs treatment. I think that if you give it up you should wait until you can afford vet care. Guinea pigs can get illnesses from anything not just because its from a pet store.

Also I wanted to put in a little thought in here. I know for a fact that Canada PetSmart is a little different than USA PetSmart but I also know that the care does vary from store to store. In Edmonton (Librarychick and I worked together years ago at petsmart) the petsmarts here range. The person shes talking about (pet manager) I believe is my SIL and she trains all her works to do the best but I know that not all do. I also know that she gets a lot of her guinea pig care information from me as the information PetSmart supplies is WRONG WRONG WRONG. Hence why I no longer shop there unless I can't help it (ie some of my turtles supplies can only be found there or at PJ's pets which I LOATH). (broken link removed)I have not worked there in years, and I would never go back because I have higher morals about adoption then I did back then.
i really don't think you should give up on your piggy so easily. when you decide to buy or adopt an animal, you must assume full responsibility whether the animal is healthy, sick, or has special needs.

you shouldn't buy an animal, then get rid of it and buy a new one simply because the animal isn't good enough or is too much of a responsibility or you do not have the money. you face equal risks regarding health with ANY animal you own- are you going to give up on every one if they become sick?

if you want something disposable, then buy toy stuffed animals.

some petsmarts have a vet inside of them, others do not. i am sure you can call around and ask for an exotic pet specialist.

i bought both of my pigs from 2 different petsmarts in different states and each store required me to sign an agreement stating if the pig was sick or died within 2 weeks, i could return him/her for a refund. if you are under 18, chances are they had your parent(s) sign the form.

please do not give up your pig and please don't just dump her off at a rescue unless you cannot fully take care of her. if that is the case, then you should reconsider getting another pig- or any animal for that matter.

hopefully i didn't come off as rude or pushy, there are too many animals being abandoned because the owners prefer to take the easy way out and get rid of them- look at craigslist for examples of what i'm talking about. you'll see an array of, "i got this pet for my daughter and now she doesn't want it, free to good home," or, "i don't have the money or time for this animal."

i hope your pig gets well soon.
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I understand everything you said. I'm not giving up on her easily. Maybe it sounded like that.. I love my Pigsy! I just came from Petsmart and they told me I can bring her, 'return' her and they'll treat her and after she gets healty I can re buy her! So, i think that's good news! I'm on my way to Charlotte(that's where I got here) to see about this. Praying they'll 'fix' her and i'll have her back soon!
ahh, good to hear! i'm so glad you're getting her help and i'm glad petsmart took her in.

good luck!
Thought I can give you guys update about Pigsy; I went to pet smart yesterday and told them that she's sick and asked what are my options about her; they said i have to return her so they could treat her and if she gets better they'll call me. So, i returned pigsy(they gave me money back) and lady who works there took my name and number and told me that i'll get a call when treatmeant is done and if she gets healty I can come and re-buy her! Hopefully she'll get better and i'll see my Pigsy soom! One more good news is thar when she gets healthy i'll get her a friend, so i'll have two :) I wanted to ask as well; does anyone knows how long treatment is going to be for guinea pigs-at pets smart or in general? I'm wondering when should i excpet a call!
I would assume a couple of weeks because they're going to want to keep it in the quiet room for a while so they can treat it and be sure she'll be okay before they give her back to you.
You should check in reguarly with the Petsmart. There was another member on here that did a simular thing but when the guinea pig was healthy the Petsmart just put him back in the cage and had him back for sale without ever contacting her. She just happened to walk in the store and see him. Anyway, just a bit of advice.
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