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Guinea Pig questions


New Member
Cavy Slave
Mar 27, 2012
Hi, I'm a new pig owner. I got my little male from a local PetCo (which is actually two hours away because Hawaii sucks like that), his name's Moose. Anyway, I have some general questions about his housing condition. I temporarily have him on the floor of my room below a ceiling fan. I was wondering if leaving it on low all the time is alright? It gets pretty hot during the day and at night but can be somewhat cold at certain points.
I heard that covering the top of the cage where his Hidey-Hole is could help. Also, I'm closer to the fan due to a tall bed and it's honestly not that cold. Given the fact that he's on the floor, does the fan bother him less? My dad for now has placed an old shirt over the top of the cage as a precaution. I'd just like some clarifacation.
Mine are in a room with a ceiling fan, and it's never hurt them. I'd just have a roof over something so he can get under it if he wants, and not worry about it.
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