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Guinea pig mom :) First guinea pig group!


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Jun 17, 2012
Hi! I'm Lisa and I have 3 lovely ladies.

Pepper, Molly and Zelda are my 3 spoiled, adorable and squeaky piggies! I have owned pigs for about a year now and can't imagine my life without these girls. They make my day :love: So here's a little about each:

Pepper: I found her on craigslist and got her and all her supplies for free. Turns out that the girl that I got her from was in my major classes, so I gave her frequent updates. Pepper took a while to warm up to me. She would never let me pet her and when she sat on my lap (on a towel) she would continuously yank on it. I thought she hated me :weepy: But, I was persistent and would keep putting my hand in her cage and slowly work my way towards her. After a few weeks I could pet her and now she will lay down when I go to pet her :) After a while I noticed how lonely she looked and decided to get her a friend. Now, up until that point Pepper has not seen or been with another piggie, so I was hesitant. But I found Molly (formerly known as Miss Squeaky Pig) at the SPCA.

Molly: I got her from the SPCA after learning she was dropped off by a family who didn't have time for her. I noticed how lonely she was but so friendly! I brought her home right away. After the 3 week quarantine time, I introduced the two (in all the right ways) Let's just say it was interesting :) They picked on each other, but things never got serious. After a while I noticed Pepper being more energetic and began eating more veggies! The two didn't become BFFs but they had each other for company. Soon they were playing tag and keeping me entertained! Molly LOVES singing for treats and will even stand on her back legs to beg for one!

After almost a year of having the pair, I found Zelda.

Zelda: I found her at the SPCA as well and found out that she was picked up as a stray! I couldn't believe it! When I put my hand in her cage, she came right up and I could rub her head. She was so sweet that I decided to take her home! After the quarantine period, I gave all 3 a bath to get them smelling the same and introduced them. Well, talk about interesting! Pepper and Molly had to rethink their hierarchy. Needless to say, poor Zelda was often bullied out from the hay and veggies. She would have to retreat into her hut to eat. But after several weeks, she eats right next to them like old buds. She loves to nibble on my fingers.

These three are my babies! I love watching them play, nap, and eat! They sing for their breakfast and dinner and treats when they think they've earned it. They love all types of veggies (guinea pig approved of course). They also give me the buggy stare, which I find adorable!

Thanks for letting me share! I'm excited to be here amongst other guinea pig enthusiasts!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Guinea pig mom :) First guinea pig group!
Guinea pig cage set up!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Guinea pig mom :) First guinea pig group!
Zelda (left), Pepper (hut), Molly (right)
[GuineaPigCages.com] Guinea pig mom :) First guinea pig group!
Pepper (front) and Molly (back) -- before I got Zelda
Adorable, i love them ! sounds like it all came very natural to you :)
Aww! They are adorable!
They're all so cute! :)
Welcome to the forum! They are so cute! I like the cube alternative on your cage! Is it a playpen?
Aw, your piggies are adorable! I love the pigtures and the stories of how they call came to you.
Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoy hearing about others' piggies and seeing their pictures. You herd is adorable and it sounds like they have a wonderful mom too.
Welcome to the forum! They are so cute! I like the cube alternative on your cage! Is it a playpen?

What I did before I got Zelda, was set up the pen during the day which Pepper and Molly would be in. At night I would put the two in a slightly smaller cage so that I could clean their pen and let the towels dry out. When I got Zelda I found out that putting all 3 in the smaller cage was WAY too cramped. So I redesigned their play pen to make a permanent cage so they all had room to roam, eat and sleep. Now I do take them out every other day and let them have carpet time. They like the different layout of the area and it gives me time to do a good spot cleaning in their pen.
I also took the box that you see in the photo and put in a cat cube. I thought that this would be easier to clean (the box would get wet and stay wet) I also put in a liner and bedding to keep it cleaner. That is where I put their hay, which I clean out daily.
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