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Guinea pig in tiny cage on Disney Junior


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May 29, 2009
Today I noticed a segment between shows in Disney Junior in which a little girl is shown caring for her pet guinea pig (she puts leaves in a bowl and attaches a bottle of water to the cage).
However, the guinea pig is lone and in a tiny cage barely bigger than a cat litter tray. It worries me that children and their parents will think that the tiny cage shown is adequate.

that's terribly! people are so uneducated it bothers me. I haven't even gotten my piggies yet, and I know how to care for them well. The people at the pet store enjoy telling me things when I go in to look at food, and it worries me how little they know. If anything I teach them things.
That is a concern, especially on a kids' network. I don't have cable of any sort, but maybe if we can get a description of the segment -- is it a short sketch, some kind of PSA, etc. -- and contact information for Disney / Disney Junior management, we can send (polite) e-mails and letters to them letting them know. It would be amazing if a channel like Disney / Disney Junior could get the word out that cavies and other small animals need more care than people think.

At a minimum, they'd know people want to hold them accountable.
I definitely think that someone needs to let Disney Jr. know that this isn't proper cavy care. I feel the same way about pet stores, madelineelaine. Once I went in to the pet store, and took a quick glance at the hamsters. One of the hamsters, a teddy bear, had a bowel obstruction and an abscess on his face. I told a worker who was behind his cage, and she didn't seem to care. It makes me sad to think of all of the animals who don't receive proper care in stores.
When my daughter was little we really loved that show. It is actually based off of books.
Um...Ok so unfortunately that is a small cage and it would be better if they put them in pairs - BUT that is such a cute show!!! I didn't even watch the entire thing but super cute :)
he doesn't even have a hide house! the sad reality is, even people with the best intentions don't do their research and end up abusing the poor things! the better educated people are about animals, the happier both piggies and people will be. they should feature a segment on a girl making a c and c cage.
I would actually prefer my children to watch the TV show HorseLand. Atleast it teaches my children what happens when you lie, are mean to friends, steal, etc and teach them positive behaviors. Several people call it "preachy" but look at today's kids. They literally have no manners! If the parents aren't going to teach them manners, a good TV show might as well.
I forwarded a copy of a link to this discussion to a contact I had from the Disney World Parks when we had issues during our last visit there. Hopefully he'll be able to forward to someone at the Disney Junior network. I asked my 7 year old if she had ever seen it and thinks she's actually seen it on all the Disney networks (ie. Disney XD too)
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