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Guinea pig escaped out of run


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Apr 3, 2012
My mom put the guinea pigs outside in the run (which is basically the cage with no bottom) for them to eat grass, and she went into the house for a while, and when she looked back one of the guinea pigs wasn't there. The cage is not opened but the side of the cage has been opened so she probably squeezed through. She could have crossed the road? Yeah, I know my mom is so irresponsible!!!! What do I do? It's still sunny out here and it happened about 10 minutes ago!
Will definitely never ever let Mom handle guinea pigs again.
Run out there and look for her! Go outside and search your yard carefully, and have your mom grab some veggies, and make sure the other one is safe.
Perhaps try getting their food/veggie bags and crinkle them to get his attention, and have food ready in a carrier or pen area. Your footsteps might scare him so be aware of that.

Please check the perimeter of the pen in the future for possible gaps, and never leave them unattended. I hope you find your pet.
Check under things like bushes and decks. Brings some veggies outside and crinkle a bag. I would try to get the other guinea pigs to wheek and see if you can hear the lost one or if it comes out of hiding to see what is up.

Best of luck finding your guinea pig!
My neighbor found her hiding in some tall grass! Thanks for the tips. I will probably make a hutch for them so they can eat grass while in the safeness and shade of the hutch. Will make sure to stay outside with them while they are in the hutch.
So she's safe and sound?

:melodrama Thank goodness. That made me a bit queasy.
I'm glad that she is ok! Build a nice big heavy pen for them to run around!
Glad she is found safe and sound but this is a good lesson as to why they cannot be left outside unmonitored.
Thank goodness! I was terrified a hawk got her or something.
great glad you found her and lesson learned. I am sure your mom feels horrible dont be to hard on her.
Def use and or build a shaded run...when I was younger, around 11, I had a pig named ellie that had a wire run...and I had it half in the shade, half in the sun. My mom called me for chores, (I was homeschooled too) and I was sure she was safe. Needless to say the sun continued to go down, and the shade moved. Ellie was exposed to heat. Shed died the next day. I can't tell you how long I sat there and cried while she died. It very tramatic. I'm 25 now and I can still see her little face in my head. Runs can be really fun, but I'd suggest ALWAYS being out with them.
Yes, she is safe and sound.
I'm glad no harm came to your piggie :)
I bought a run made of strong wire and wood (£60 but worth it), it's very sturdy and I peg it down with tent pegs. This keeps it a lot sturdier, and I recommend doing it!
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