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Guinea Pig died lastnight. I miss him.


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Cavy Slave
Jan 3, 2012
R.I.P Chico. I'll always miss you :sorry:
I am sorry for you loss. It's a big gap that a little piggy leaves... RIP Chico.
I am so sorry for your loss?
I am so sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can tell us a little about him?
I'm sorry for yous loss. RIP Chico.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Aww, I'm so sorry :( Was he an only piggy?
I'm so sorry for your loss of Chico. It never gets easy. Sending you healing energy and PiggiePawHugs
I would like to thank you all for your condolences. I really appreciate them :). Well let me tell you all about my little friend Chico. Well I got Chico back in September 2009. I believe he was about a month old when I first brought him home. I remember going to the pet store on a sunny Saturday summer after noon. I first seen him with his brother or sister I suppose. I loved him the second I laid eyes on him. He was so excited and pop-corning around the cage. Once I brought him home I fixed up his little home for him. I even made a little house for him from a little box. He loved it immediately! His favorite foods were apples and carrots. He also loved his Timothy Hay daily. Then about a week before New Years I noticed he wasn't acting like himself. I took him to the vet the following Saturday. They checked him and said he had a problem with his GI Tract. He was put on antibiotics and seemed to be responding to it for the first 3 days. Then on the day after New Years he passed. It was sad and surprised me. I believe he was sick for another reason. But at least he can rest now.height. Well little buddy, I guess I had to say goodbye too soon. I wish you didn't have to go. You were ill and I wish you could of gotten better, back to your normal self. But I guess your in a better place now, no more suffering, no more pain, just peace and serenity forever. I'll just say goodbye, for now. I hope we see each other again in the blue sky of heaven one day. I'll be waiting for you at the gates. And I hope you will be waiting for me until then. Have fun with all your new piggie friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll always miss you and I'll always love you. You were a wonderful pet and friend. Love, Nikita. R.I.P my cupcake. :(Chico: Born on August 29, 2009. Went to the Rainbow bridge on January 2, 2012
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