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Cage Guinea Pig Carrier Help!


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Apr 2, 2012
Hello! So last night, I was at Petco to get a cat carrier for my girls. (I know that pet stores are evil, but I really needed to) We had found the perfect carrier! Not too narrow, and not too short. It was the last one, and the tag AND the paper insert on the front were gone!! So we called over a sales associate, and after hearing that it was for GPs, she immediately steered us over to the "Small Animal" section, and handed us the worst carrier I could think of.
Other than the fact that it was hideous (it was brown. Just brown.) it was the tiniest thing I could imaging anybody putting 2 full grown guinea pigs in!!! If I put my guinea pigs side by side, it would only have room for another before it exploded. :( She was FIXATED on selling us that one. It had 1 hole for ventilation, and looked pitch black. I understand that guinea pigs need to feel safe, and cozy, but this was ridiculous. Every time I asked a question (I asked about 5), she had a response that made it seem like the best carrier in the world. Unless the moon crashes into earth, and I have to move to Canada, I will NOT put my girls in there until somebody can help suggest if I should use it or return it and get that carrier that we originally wanted.

P.S. Thank you for reading, and probably the most time they would spend in it would be 35-40 minutes. Unless of course we have to move to Canada! :)
Well, obviously don't use it if it is too small! Go back and get the other one, at least I would.
I bought a cat carrier for mine and now that there are three of them I feel it will be too small. I pretty much ignore pet store associates, they don't usually know anything about small animals and will try to bully you into buying products that aren't any good.
I have quite a few different sizes and types of carriers I use for different purposes. When it's cold out, you'd want something different than when it's hot. Same goes for the amount of time your guinea pig will spend in it. I got all of mine through rescues, craigslist and second hand stores and paid very little for each one. You can check Salvation Army Store and Goodwill, too.
Thank you so much! I wanted to ignore her, but she was pretty pushy and a bit up-in-my-face about it... Does anybody know if a smaller, medium or larger carrier would be better?
I have two 10x15 top opening, suitcase-like cages that are made of plastic. Both have ventilation holes all around the sides of the carriers. One has a wire grid area on the top that you can slide open. I use the grid top one in the summer the most. I have a 10x16 Super Pet fabric and vinyl carrier that has mesh ventilation on the sides. I don't use that one very often. I also have an 11x18 Pet Taxi with a wire grid front opening door. It can be taken apart for cleaning. It's hard to reach in and get the guinea pigs out. My favorites are the smallest ones. I can fit two guinea pigs in there and they just chill and relax when I have them in there.
I use a cat/tea cup dog carrier
My best friend also used it to carry her bird into the vet with. Of course he hung to the gate the whole time:silly:
The petsmart/LPS employees can be VERY pushy. I usually get pushy back with them/tell them something along the lines of "no. I don't want this product. I want the other product. If you continue to push me I will seek out your manager"
That usually gets them going.
I use a pet taxi cat carrier
Thanks! To MrWhistles (love the name), I was with my mom,so she would have been a bit upset if I was snippy with the saleslady :p But it my head, I was totally going against her! :D Thank you so much! Has anybody been to a good website or store that has a good selection? I'm trying to never go into Petco unless absolutely necessary...

P.S. I was surfing the Interwebs and found a possibly good carrier. Do these dimensions sound OK for two adult guinea pigs? 19" L X 12.6" W X 10" H
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Before paying full price, why don't you call your local animal control or or nearby rescues to see if they have any used ones for sale. You can also put an ad on Craigslist. You can get them for $5 or $10 used which might save you some money. I just clean and disinfect them before using them.
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