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Guinea Pig cage


Cavy Slave
Dec 29, 2011
I found a three level cage on ebay but the asking price is over $200, so I thinking about building my own cage but wanted some advice first. I was planning on acquiring the wood from homedepot and though wire mess isn't good for their feet would only be used as liner for the cage thus preventing it's destruction. The cage would consist of two levels and guniea pig cage liners which I also came across on ebay to soak up their urine thus avoiding bedding all together. The cage would have two water bottles and a bed and one of those igloos I've seen at petco and a hay feeder. This is my first time building a cage but for some reason have a talent for putting things together. I also plan to use the wire mess as windows so the can constantly get fresh air. I may paint the cage or leave it as is and plan on waiting a month before introducing the piggies to their new home. I have a habitat but the bottom appears to be a bit flimsy so I thought it best to use that as a playpen instead. I look foward to any advice before building this cage.

Welcome to GPC. Before you plan to build with wood or wire, have you seen C&C cages? They are easier to build and cheaper.

Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy At Home
How to Make a C&C Cage

Wire mesh for windows is a good idea. THey will have enough ventilation.

You cannot use wire on the floor. The floor has to be solid and waterproof. If you'd like a wooden cage, you can line the floor with vinyl flooring. This is my cage and I've built it from wood and lined with vinyl floor. The front is Plexiglas. It's 28x96 inches on each floor. I have 2 pigs living on each floor.

Guinea Pig cage
Thanks for the advice but it appears I may be able to avoid building a cage after all. A friend of mine has a super large 3 story rabbit cage big enough to hold three piggies and I can add two floors which I plan on having three beds and three hideways on each level and I plan on using the vynal lining it should look nice when done.
Be careful with rabbit cages! They have multiple levels and no sides, guinea pigs are not very agile and can easily fall from the upper levels. Not to mention they are ground dwellers and it is likely they will not even use the higher levels out of fright. It would worry me, a small bickering between them, a slipped foot, anything really. So I'd advise you to add sides to the ramps and open edges to be safe. To me it sounds like a lot of extra work to fix this rabbit cage, explore your options and keep an open mind. There are a few cages that you can just buy too, like the Midwest Pets Guinea Habitats, but you'd need two cages to combine for three pigs.
I know but my friend said he will make all the minor adjustments and will call me when it's finished because he built me a gerbil cage and they've had several babies and I now have an entire family. I have two guinea pigs already and for some reason when I place them on the floor to clean out their current home they love to run into my dog's cage and play with him. When giving them a bath my dog pays close attention to make sure his buddies are okay.
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