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Guinea pig cage suggestions


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Jun 15, 2012
Note: I've had guinea pigs since I was in third grade(now I'm in 8th going into 9th), so I'm definitely a not a newbie with this stuff.
When I got my guinea pigs(2), my dad got them the biggest cage at the pet store,which (of course) wasn't big enough. (it was only about 3 sq feet!!!)
When I looked up the ideal guinea pig cage(about a month later), I found the c and c cages. I immediately wanted one, but my dad was not convinced. That was when I realized our cage was too small.
Now we have two guinea pigs living in a 3 sq foot cage that's separated because they don't get along. They only have 1.5 sq feet each :( This year I said I wanted to build a guinea pig cage that was a lot bigger, but my dad says I can only use up a certain amount of space.(almost the exact same size as the guinea pig cage from the pet store!) He said I can't have 2 levels so I have to stick to basically the same set-up I'm in right now.
My only alternative to this small amount of space is to make a cage outside(where I'm basically free to make whatever I please) I don't know what to do because I want my piggies to have plenty of space so that they can at least run around(impaction has already affected them, and theyre not happy at all)

Right now I'm thinking an outside cage would be a good idea. I would put a thermometer on it and I can keep them at a constant temperature all year round(we don't really have a budget for this) as for predators, we live in Utah in a small suburban area, the only animals you will ever see around here are muskrats and ducks. The cage would be in a shaded, protected area(it blocks out nearly all wind, easily solved by insulation, and blocks ALL rain. As for care, they'll get only the best. The only thought on my mind are my guinea pigs, they are my little companions and I have to spend an hour a day with each of them. <3

Ps: I know this is an anti-outdoor living site, but id rather have happy pigs than miserable pigs living in a tiny closet-like cage.
Pss:(sorry!) I know they'll b happy because my friend has an outdoor cage and my pigs stayed at her place for two weeks while I was on vacation. When I returned I found out that there was a huge wind/rain storm while I was gone. All the piggies were fine because they had a central fireplace(heater) and insulation during it. In fact, my piggies were the happiest I'd ever seen them, and were really sad to go back in their old space.
I'm just wondering if there's any reason why I really shouldn't do this...
Have you considered giving them to someone else? I'm sorry to bring this up, as I can tell you love your pigs, but even with all the stuff you would have for the outdoor cage, it's still very bad for them, and the cage you have now isn't even up to breeders standards (Which are very low) I think your pigs might have a happier life in another home with someone who can give them a large C&C cage indoors, where they can run around, play, and live happily.
Will he be paying for this cage?

Outdoor cages can be harder to clean, keep safe, and manage. It is just better all around to build them an indoor cage. Can you at least build them a 2x3 C&C? That is the absolute minimum for 2 guinea pigs, but it is better than the pet store cage! If you cannot provide them with at least a 2x3 in C&C (at least 2x4 if you have 2 males) then it really wouldn't be fair to the pigs to keep them.

It is very clear that you love the pigs a lot, and that you really want to provide them with the best. However, if you can't give them even the minimum cage space then it really isn't fair to them to keep them cramped in such a tiny cage.

Have you pointed out to your dad that a bigger cage is easier to clean, smells less, and will result in healthier pigs? I'm sure that he doesn't want to pay for vert large vet bills if your pigs develop more problems (they aren't always large, but will add up if conditions are not improved). I'm sure that he loves your guinea pigs too, but many people aren't aware of the newer, proven standards for guinea pig ownership.
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